On recovery and peaceful slumber...

Hello everyone! I am home again and working on getting back on my feet. I'm actually doing pretty good except when I stand up, then the bottom drops out *hehe* So I plan on taking it easy for a few days, its nice to be lazy and get the doctors to back you up! ;)

I haven't felt like doing to much the last few days but I did this sketch for an idea I have. D thinks he looks very angry in his sleep, that's not the look I was going for so I may need to rework him.

I also finished hand stitching the patchwork into place on this piece and also adding a little more to the body of the picture. I still have a bit to do on the inside but most of that part is done. Now the fun part with the crazy quilt stitches will start ^_^
I have decided to make this into a little mini hanging quilt instead of a purse. I think I have made enough purses for awhile!
Hope you are all feeling well today!
2 comments on "On recovery and peaceful slumber..."
  1. This moon is gorgeous! You have such a great talent to draw. Get well soon!

  2. I am sending so many positive thoughts your way! Be well....very quickly!! x