Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It's a gorgeous day outside. The sun is shining and the sky is blue with little cotton candy clouds floating about. Who couldn't be in a good mood with weather like this?

Last night I gave into temptation and printed out the little sun box that I featured from The Toymaker the other day. D had been wanting a box to put his pennies in and I thought this would be prettier on his desk then a plain box. It was easy to do and I think the results aren't bad. My printer leaves much to be desired though. D had to battle with it to change the ink when one of the cartridges decided to leak everywhere and then the heads didn't want to align. I think with a printer in good working order this would have turned out even nicer. Anyway, he likes it and that's what matters ^_^

Today I am determined to finish the embroidery on the celestial paisleys. I am so close I can taste it!

2 comments on "Lazy Sunday Afternoon"
  1. The box is beautiful! Nobody will be able to tell the print was not satisfying. And these faces are so appealing! It is not easy to draw beautiful faces, not everyone can do that.

  2. Wow that paisley piece is absolutely magnificient. Unbelievable!