I slowly settle in...

The plaza near our house

Two weeks have passed since I first came here and I have slowly settled in. I still bump into walls in the middle of the night and the space just doesn't feel right yet. All that will come in time though. I am slowly finding a place for everything and relaxing enough to enjoy this beautiful place.

Taken from the tram in Grenoble

Both weekends we have ventured into town and I have ventured out twice on my own.

We found two asian stores right on the tram stop.

We came back loaded down!

I have started to sew...


I have been promising you pictures for awhile and I finally got them uploaded to my computer. So here you go...a little taste of the move!

This is the last picture I took in Talence, the night before I moved, out the livingroom window.

The weather was interesting to say the least on our way to Grenoble, here are a few shots of the clouds.

I thought they were amazing. Especially the alien ship one!

I didn't have much of the house unpacked when I took these shots. The only sane areas of the house were the hall and kitchen. This gives you an idea of the spaciousness of the apartment though. I took this standing in the entry hall. The hall is long and wide and lends to the feeling of a house not an apartment.

This is just one half of the kitchen, you cant see the sink, dishwasher and cabinets on the other side, but it gives you an idea of how it looks and its very nice. I love the lighting inside of the cabinet for the glasses and the under cabinet lighting for food preperation. The vitreo ceramic cooktop took some getting used to and I'm still learning how to use my oven...it even has a rotisserie!

This is the view I wake up to in the morning. I really can't complain....

These are a few shots off the balcony. This first is a big long mountain off to our right. It was a very hazy day so this doesnt really do it justice. You should see it in the morning when the sun is rising and hits it...It glows rose!

This second shot off the balcony is the private garden. It's a nice little area but since the apartment is new the trees are fairly small. It will be much more pleasant in a few years if we are still here *grin*

I also took a few shots of downtown Grenoble on our first trip there. It was rainy so we cut our trip short. In this first shot of a nice square we chanced upon there was a little market set up on the other side. If you look close in the picture across the green on the right are the tents. DH bought me some lovely soaps and a scarf there. It looks to be a wonderful place to shop or just sit and enjoy the scenery.

I love the wonderful old lampposts in this area and the lovely ornate buildings. It certainly has it's charm!

Hope you enjoyed your visit with me!

New velvets and new work!

I know I said I would post pics of the new place and I promise I will soon. I just had to write to you today about my new addition to my shop though. Finally after much work and waiting I have listed silk velvets on my cymberfloss shop! I love each and every one of them and truthfully would just prefer to keep them all for myself *hehe*

I have also started on a new velvet bag. This one based on my previous seahorse, cause i loved him so much and felt like he kinda melted into the background on the mermaid bag. Now he gets the showcase he deserves!

Now I am off to do some well deserved resting...and possibly some stitching ;)

Hello from Grenoble

Sorry for the long silence. I had expected it to be longer though. France is notorious for being slow with hooking up your internet service. There is an internet company here that has an option for you to share your connection. If you enable this connection other people can sign on to the network as long as they have a working pass. The bandwidth is small but adequate for email, etc. Fortunately for us there is such a connection right here in this building. DH worked away at it last night, networking the computers and setting it up so I had internet this morning!
So here I am in Grenoble, and I had every reason to be excited about this move. Everything has been so smooth. The actual move went without a hitch. Everything fit in the truck...with room to spare! Even though it was raining all over France this last weekend we drove here with little rain. We could see storms off to the south. or over to the north of us...but we seemed to miss them all around. DH even said it had stormed here at the apartment shortly before we arrived but cleared up right before we got here.
The apartment far exceeds my expectations. My hubby gets a gold star for his choice for our new home. It was worth the wait for the approval letters. The building is very new, not sure how new but the windows live maps shows a field here and google maps show a construction site. *hehe* There is a spare room for my studio. I am in luxury!!! The kitchen is all new, gorgeous black glass stove top, dishwasher, cabinets with lights inside them. I feel like I'm in a show place. Nice big bathroom with a huge tub. A large entrance hall and second hall to the bedrooms with big closets everywhere! It's almost like I am in a house. The balcony is nice and big, about 6' x 18' and with mountains ALL ACROSS OUR VIEW. That's right, when I wake up in the morning what do I see? Still in bed and I see mountains peeking through my window. The first morning I took my coffee out on the balcony and just sat and drank in the view. It is a humbling sight, this grand sweep of rock. I feel refreshed.
So now I am in box heaven, slowly clearing them away to go to their resting place in our garage space. I am planning on taking photos soon. I will post them when I do. I also have some beautiful new silk velvet that I dyed while at the old apartment last week. I dyed eight quarters and they are just gorgeous. I did not get a chance to do any sewing while there though. I am working diligently this week to get this house together so I can finally sit down and STITCH!!! I say this while staring at the ginormous pile of boxes next to me with all my sewing supplies *sigh*
Talk to you again soon...next time I come up for some air *^_^*

A Small Hiccup or Two

So the house is packed...or most of it at least. D arrived back home yesterday, sick. He did all his house searching and contract signing with a fever. Poor guy. He found us the perfect apartment. An extra room for my studio. A small garden area (although its shared) a balcony, newish appliances and dishwasher, a bathtub (a must!) but now the managers are dragging their feet with the gaurantee letters. They say one signature isnt enough, they need two or somesuch. I wait for news on this.
The hiccup is not the apartment though. The new company called and told D they needed him to start Monday, Tuesday at the latest. We were all lined up to MOVE Tuesday not have him on that side of the country at work. With much fancy footwork and figuring everything has been rearranged. D will fly to Grenoble Monday morning early and leave me here. I will be spending the week here alone in a packed up house. Friday I will move there on the condition we have a place to go too.
The question is what to do with myself for an entire week in a house that is packed up. I wont even have a couch to sit on, many things arent going with us on the long trip and are being removed now. I have already packed up most off my sewing things also. One thing I can do is dye as they are still unpacked. So I guess I will be working on my dyes and watching long movies. I am considering unpacking a few projects. If I can situate a comfortable place to work I might get something accomplished! Sometimes life is interesting.