Jacobean Bunny

I have to admit, I've never done Jacobean Embroidery before but I like it a lot. I spent the last several days studying some of the stitches used in the technique and familiarizing myself with it.
I was unable to find a hoop quite big enough to avoid pressing the velvet in it so I wrapped and prepared my hood to make it less damaging. I then traced my design onto the velvet. I dont usually trace things when I work but the Jacobean images will be so heavy that I dont think there is any worry about lines showing through:

I then picked out a color palette to go with the fabric of the main portion of the body. The fabric I am using is the fabric in the background of this picture

I am now ready to start stitching!

Preparing For The Next Dye Batch


Bunny Belly

Mutant Fat Bunny has been hacked to pieces. Each stitch removed and the pieces laid out to make a pattern. After the pattern was drafted I moved onto the next step, designing the bunnies belly. I thought about it for awhile and settled on a Jacobean style embroidery. For some reason it just seems to fit. I only hope I feel the same way after it's done. So today I spent drawing the design and here it is:

Now if I could just decide what material to do it on. Hmmm!

Mutant Fat Bunny

I've been working real hard this week to get things back on course with my shops. This involved a lot of inventory and planning. The boring parts of my work. I am also planning a new dye batch which one of the exciting parts. I hope to have lots of pretties by this time next week!
In the meantime I need something to stitch again. I could finish up an old project but instead for some reason I got it in my head to make a bunny. Maybe it was my friends trip to the Steiff or more likely the adorable tutorial for a bunny another friend posted on plurk that set me off. All I know is I couldnt get it out of my mind yesterday so I set out to make a bunny. This is quite an endeavor for me because I am not a stuffed animal maker. I only have a vague idea how to go about this task but I was determined and here are the results:
My Mutant Fat Bunny!
He is just a mock up and pinned up like a voodoo doll. I think though with much pushing and prodding and figuring that he is finally starting to look like a bunny. I finished ripping him apart this afternoon and making a pattern. So now I am onto my new stitching adventure. It starts with his tummy and I hope to have pics up for you to see soon!

Have great weekend!

Back in the Studio

After almost three months of inactivity I am trying to unearth my studio and get it back into some semblance of order. I am amazed at how piled up things are. I have spent the last week sorting and organizing and it is slowly beginning to look like a place I can work in again. I found these beauties in two different boxes, half wrapped, all needing some attention. I spent a few evenings wrapping them all. I had completely forgot that I even made them! I really feel like my life took a big detour there for awhile and I am so glad to be back again!


Hello Everybody! I am finally back from my jaunt in the South of France and let me tell you did I have a time of it. SO much fun, good food, good wine, wonderful friends and beautiful breathtaking countryside.

I got to play with this handsome young man

and play in the water mirror in Bordeaux

Drank excellent wine in the wine bar "La Parcelle" all night one night

Had fantastic seafood in a restaurant right by the sea

Picked up sea glass on the beach

rode down scary little skinny roads up on the edge of way high mountains

crawled through crumbled ruins of old monestaries and castles

watched amazing sunsets

wandered down skinny walkways full of colorful shops

and just soaked up all the beauty of the scenery.

I am now a whooped puppy but I will be back to work shortly. Did you miss me?


Stitching in color