Bunny Update

I have been lost in blackwork research. Reading pages and pages on period pieces and looking at examples till I feel like I am going blind. Put a few questions out there on forums but answers are slow in coming. I hope to start on a piece soon. Just getting my ducks in a row so to speak

I am not allowing myself to do anything though, not until the Jacobean Bunny is done. Fortunately he is coming along great and I hope to have the embroidery done soon. I am really enjoying this method of embroidery. I have learned several new stitches and that's always fun. If I keep going at this pace I will have a bunny before you know it~



Yesterday I dyed the biggest piece of fabric I have ever dyed with this method. I couldn't do big work before because I didn't have adequate containers. Now I have some nice big dye vats so I managed to do this 4.5 yard piece. I still had room enough to fit another yard in if I wanted too! I am quite happy about this. I can see so many more possibilities now.

HandMadeNews Feature!

First off I want to say that I am so proud to be the featured artist on HandMadeNews and ask you all to check out the wonderful article that Jennifer Mercer wrote about me. What a sweetheart!

Secondly, I just wanted to show you a few progress photos on the Jacobean Bunny. I have been lost in learning copywriting and keywords and lots of not so fun stuff but still made a little time to stitch!


More Jacobean

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had an enjoyable week. I have still been busy with ribbons. I finally have them all wrapped and under control, that was a chore! I have also been working some more on my Jacobean Bunny Project. I still haven't received my crewelwork book in the mail but I don't think it's going to have to many things in it that I don't already know. I have done as much research as I can online and have learned quite a bit.

I am doing this work in cotton embroidery floss instead of wool because I like the sheen of the thread and feel it ends something to the piece. I am still cursing the velvet though. The even stitching is quite difficult and believe it or not, the green part of this flower was eyeballed. There is no way I could mark the fabric for these thinner stitches so I just have to do my best. The linen would definitely be a better choice as I would have the threads as a guide This flower is not quite done but I like how it's coming along. I probably should have stuck with the purple and green only a but it is begging for a little more variety in the colors. I hope in the end it all comes together ok!
Wishing you all a wonderful creative weekend!


Photo Overload

I have been a busy bee finishing up these last 8 colorways. I ironed, wrapped and photographed tons of ribbons and fabric the last several days. I have uploaded all of the photos onto my flickr photostream except the last few I needed to reshoot. I will be slowly adding these to Etsy and Artfire as I can. I have a lot of specialty threads I will be including, among them slinky rayon chainette and raggedy silk satin bias. Also a bit of cotton lace. I will be glad when this is all done though and I can get back to my stitching. For some reason I am not in the mood to play with my dyes right now. I am much stronger though and full of energy. I almost feel like myself again. The hip still has not healed but I believe in time it will also recover. I have lost almost 25 pounds and if that doesn't help the healing I don't know what will!

Here is a quick shot of the Jacobean Bunny Project. It is slow going but fun. I am not so sure I will ever pick velvet to do this type of work on again. It is hard to do counted and precise work on such a fabric. I want to play on the linen!

A possible side trip

A friend recently commented, after viewing the drawing for my jacobean bunny piece that I should consider making pieces for RSA renaissance members. I absolutely adore blackwork and although I havent done any Jacobean work before I love every sort I have ever tried, and will probably pick up my needle tonight to try this one for the first time!
It is a very enticing idea and I am strongly considering doing just that. I realize that all of my work in the past has been on the more colorful and fantastical side but there is also a love of tiny precise stitches inside of me, I can see myself happily stitching away for hours working on such a piece.
For those of you who dont know me, I was actually a cross stitcher for many years, working on many large involved pieces. I even brought several of them with me to France to finish as seen above. I always wanted to make things that were used though, it's one of the reasons that many of the items I have made in the last year are bags, belts, brooches and scarves. There is only so much wall space in anyone's home but clothing accessories are worn as the fancy strikes. I also like designing my own items. Although I loved to paint the canvas with my stitches they were someone else's creation. I think that working on some period pieces would satisfy my love of tiny precise stitching and also my want of making things that are useful. After some study of the period patterns I even hope to design some of my own that are true to that era.


And color has bloomed once again in my studio...