Alien - Cow Role reversal Shrink Plastic Jewelry



 I have this friend, she is a little zany. She has a million ideas and they are all a little different and fun. She has long hair and always wears it up in a bun. She told me one day she would love some fun and silly hair sticks to wear in her hair, like an alien beaming up a cow. I thought it was a fun idea and worked on and off for well over a year with different ideas to make these hair sticks. I tried beads and fimo and wire. Nothing really seemed to catch it and I put it aside for awhile. Then I started working with the shrink plastic and one day *bing* the idea came into my head to make the alien and cow in shrink plastic. Why not?

So I sat down to draw it but realized that the regular alien and cow scenario just wasn’t doing it for me. I needed a twist and that is how the cow abducting the alien came to life!

I inked the pictures onto shrink plastic and came up with this. I then refined it a little, adding some shadows and such. I really love how these came out, they are so fun!

After I was finally satisfied with the piece, I made them into a nice set of hair sticks and gave them to my friend.

She loved them so much she came to me the next week and begged me to make her friend some earrings. I will show you what I made next time 🙂 


A Serious and All Encompassing Bug

So I caught a bug in October. It wasn’t your usual cold and flu thing, no fever and no cough. No, this was something completely different. I caught the knitting bug!

Not only did I catch it, I caught a very bad case of it. I have wanted to knit since I was a teenager. I have tried many times. Each time ending in disaster. I even got as far as making a scarf my last attempt but it was hard and long and I fought it the entire way. I was left with a wonky, sloppy mess that I still wore till it was wearing out but I was not happy with it.

 I joined a facebook group this last month and I am putting this bug squarely on their shoulders. It is a fiber group and suddenly there on my feed, day after day, were all these wonderful photos of the most beautiful work and a lot of it was knitted.   I started to get that itch again, that deep desire to surround myself with skeins of beautiful wool and knit something beautiful. I decided to try one last time. If it didn’t work this time well then, that was that. Only that wasn’t that. 

   I’m not sure what changed. I really don’t understand what happened but this time I picked up the needles and that big ball of squishy yarn and it came to life under my fingers. Suddenly I was knitting away row after row of beautiful stitches with hardly a wonky one among them. I did it!!!

  I started with a simple scarf, I didn’t know what I was doing but I was happy. About 18 inches into it I noticed it was curling and learned from the experts that I couldnt just knit and purl away like that, it would always curl. So I took my first piece apart and made this instead:

Once I finished my first scarf I went on to more colorful projects.  This is my second scarf and I adore it! It is warm and bright and fun. It has quickly become a favorite that I reach for time and time again.

    Now I was completely hooked. I was spending hours drooling over different patterns and yarns. THen I saw entralac. Oh My Goodness! What magic is this? I had to learn. So I set out to learn this elusive stitch and low and behold, I could do that too! 

     With the skills to do that beautiful stitch I made myself a pillow top. 

I just think it is scrumptious! I love it so much. I am really and truly hooked now. 

Next on my agenda was learning to make a hat, so I found a nice slouchy hat pattern and this happened:

 So you can see, I really am truly hooked on this. No telling what I will make next *grin*