You give me the inspiration to keep making.

I am thrilled that everyone who buys my creations
knows they are getting a unique piece 
worthy of any romantic wanderer. 
Before I created CymberRain, I was lost in piles of suits and sweaters, mending other people's garments. It was interesting work but it wreaked havoc on my health and my eyes.

But then I met Frenchie and my whole life changed. I moved to France to be with him and started making my art once again, happily fulfilling MY bohemian Wanderlust. After a while I decided to bring these pieces to you. To help fulfill your longings, to bring a little more color and brightness to YOUR life.

But my journey began long before that. 

I started making art before just about anything else. I learned to draw sitting on a church pew with my sister as she tried to keep me quiet during service. I graduated to making my barbie clothes when I was about 6. I went on from there to just about every medium I could get the supplies to try. In highschool I attended a vocational school and learned graphics art. I went on to work in the graphics department in college while I pursued a degree in fine arts but I left college to start a family. While raising my young children, I had a sign painting business. Later I moved to Seattle and I learned to reweave clothing and ran a successful business for a decade in downtown Seattle. I had no time for creativity, I had piles of clothes to repair and no time for anything else. I often ran three months out on orders. My skills were in high demand.

And then I met a Frenchman and ran away to France. I have been creating ever since.

I started out my life in France as a fiber artist. I love all things having to do with fantasy and fairy, celestial and hippy. I like bold bright colors and work with them the most. I love to create extremely detailed fine-stitched items, often beginning with a rough sketch and building up from there. I love to dye my own fabrics also and use them and my threads and ribbons in my own creations. I was very happy stitching away here in this beautiful country. 

But, when least expected, I had to quit stitching my creations. I developed bubbles in my retinas and had to stop doing such close work. The doctors said I had to rest, and that it would hopefully go away on its own. 
But I could not stop creating. so I started doing other things that didn't require such close scrutiny. I picked up some wire and learned to wrap wire jewelry. I went on from there and learned about resin, polymer clay, micro macrame, etc. Anything I can get my hands on that sparks that creative flame and I have to try my hand at it. 

So there I was, on my mountain in France, making things every chance I got. I wrote about some of those things here at cymberrain - studio

But now I have left my mountain. I have wandered here and there, alone now. Frenchie has ran off to follow a different dream and now I am here in Montreal, Canada. I am not sure how long I will be here but one thing I do know for sure. I am still making my art, still striving to make the world around me as beautiful as possible.

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