Moving towards moving

The livingroom is full of boxes, and DH leaves in the morning. He has apartments lined up to look at right after he signs his contract. He wont come home till he finds one, signs the papers and has everything readied for the move. While he is gone I pack, run willy-nilly about town taking care of errands and other craziness. Tomorrow though I will pause long enough to list my new floss on the shop. I finished the pictures today. This one I think is my favorite:


Here's a few pics of our trip to the coast. It was wonderfully relaxing and just what we needed to charge our batteries before the burn....

Taken from the web...Photo by: Russell Standring

It's late and I'm tired but I wanted to post real quick because I wont have an opportunity to do so again until Monday at the soonest. First off...MY honey got the job!!!! We are moving to Grenoble next week. I am so excited. This is just what we were hoping for. It's doing the type of work he likes to do and it's in a gorgeous setting with lots of things to do. The reason I wont get a chance to post soon is because my MIL is coming tomorrow to take us away to the beach for the weekend. It's a celebration for her birthday and his job combined. What a spoiling! When I get back I promise to show you pics of my latest colorways. After that though I will be busy, busy, busy. We have to pack and move within a week...no later than two. Shhhhew!

Still in a holding pattern

Sunday we took the train down to Moirax arriving in time for dinner and then quickly to bed. We rose at 4 am. Driving directly to Lyon we arrived around 12 and parked in the first place we could find downtown. Unfortunately for us it was at the opposite end of the blvd then we needed to be. We didn't realize this till we had walked quite a bit and asked directions. D's appt was at 12:30. We ended up scrambling to get there. I was worn to THE BONE! After dropping him off Marie and I wandered through the city. I took pics but have not had the chance to upload them yet. We visited the train station and it was gorgeous. Afterwards we went back to the 4x4 folded down the seats to make a bed and promptly fell asleep. He would be gone for hours as he and the directors were travelling to Grenoble. We were quite content in our little square where we had parked.A cafe on one corner, A little grocer across from us. Park benches in the middle with a little lawn. Even a free toilet right there at the opposite corner! It was the perfect spot to camp out for the afternoon. We filled our bags with goodies at the store, it was a middle eastern store so there was a case of wonderful baklava and other pastries at the cashiers. We had to sample them!
When D arrived back at the car it was 6pm. He did not have an answer. The managers of the consultant firm who wish to hire him are quite pleased with his skills and like him a lot. They have to get approval from their client though...who is who he would actually be working for. They travelled down to Grenoble to meet with the firms director who also was quite happy with his skills, although it took some convincing as his experience is small. Unfortunately they have to also consult with their client, the company who is working with them on the project. So we must wait to find out if his resume passed their validation. HE said it seems a very positive thing as it would be strange for them to hire a company to do their work and then not let them hire the people they want to do the project. IT is all very convoluted to me but I guess thats how it works here. The companies are quite big and it is a very good job. He would receive a good salary and we would be living in the gorgeous city of Grenoble. I guess it's worth jumping through a few hoops.
After he had a quick bite to eat we drove straight back to Bordeaux and arrived here around 1:30 am. It was the longest car trip. It seemed to stretch eternally. We were all so exhausted. Too tired to even make conversation but forced to to keep awake. We all fell into a deep sleep and I didnt wake till almost noon yesterday to an empty house. The others off to their jobs. Needless to say I was sore and slow. I did finish sorting my fabrics though and packing them into plastic bags. I dont wish to do too much in case this doesnt go through. I am trying to make things easier if it does though. I also wrapped and tied almost 70 skeins of floss last night. Today...I started dyeing it. I will try hard to get the pictures up tomorrow so you can see a bit of the trip and also some new colors.
Although I took stitching with me...my hand did not touch a needle the entire time I was gone. Sometimes you just have to take a breathe...

Change is in the air

Tomorrow we leave for Moirax. We will spend the night at D's parents. The next morning we set out for Grenoble. Grenoble is on the south-east side of France, down below Lyon. D has a serious job offer there. After he finished his phone interview with them, the man said he was very, very positive about the talk and looked forward to seeing him on Monday. If all goes well, he will start his job on October 1st. This is making my head spin. I did not expect things to move so quickly. It is good though. No more worry.
Moving house in such a short time is going to be a big job. Fortunately I am in much better health! D will be working up to the end so the main brunt of the job will be on my shoulders. I am so glad I have already started sorting and throwing. Everything depends on the size of the apartment we find as to what I keep...so things are a bit on hold.
The exciting thing is, Grenoble is a beautiful city right at the bottom of the alps. It is surrounded by mountains and a very international city. There are many mountain sports going on and lots of excitement. Looks like a nice place to live to me.
So if my posts are a bit sporadic right now please understand. As a matter of fact if we do end up moving, we could be without internet for up to a month! So if I disappear...don't worry. I will be back!

A stop to catch my breath...

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last posted. I have been so neglectful! I also haven't been doing any sewing so I don't really have anything to post. Starting back to school has been a shock to the system. On top of that stomach flu and being diagnosed with arthritis in my neck now too. To finish it off I have started deep cleaning the house. Things really took a slide during the months I was suffering anemia. I didn't really notice how bad it was till I started feeling better. This week I am completely overhauling the bedroom area. Ripped everything out of the storage closet and clothing closet, folding, sorting and rearranging. Cleaned and rearranged the bedroom. Moved my work area and am trying to set it up a little more sanely. Since it looks like I am going to be doing a lot of dyeing I am moving my sewing things into the livingroom area and designating that a dye area only. Wouldn't want to ruin something on accident!
As I am doing all of this I am also tossing and sorting with the thought in mind that we may very well be moving in the next month or so. Right now, as it stands, I have no idea where we will be after next month. D's job finishes in two weeks. He has went on three interviews and has another in..Paris! They have expressed a great interest in him and he is travelling up there soon (date hasn't been set) to talk with them and see if that's where he wants to be, and how much they really want him. Moving there would require a larger salary, which he will ask for. Also it will be a big change. So right now I am trying to get everything organized to make a transition as smooth as possible. Part of me hopes he is accepted here in Bordeaux and we can continue living here in this apartment. Another part of me sees the advantage of living in a big city like Paris and looks forward to soaking up the culture and life of that beautiful city. PLease excuse me if I am a bit sporadic right now in my posting...I an running in circles!

Christmas in September!

So I gave you a bit of a peek into what I've been up to the last several days, now here is an even bigger peek *grin*

I have been having fun with bits of fabric and embellishments. I SO love to make crazy quilt things. Christmas stockings have long been one of my favorite things to make this way. Here are three that are well on their way. Who knows...I might even make more.

I have also made the decision that YES, I will definitely be selling hand dyed silk velvet fabric in the shop. Since I am insisting the shop support itself I can't do this till I make enough to buy some fabric. I am quite close to my goal so hopefully some time in the near future you will start seeing more of that scrumptious stuff around here.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday!

Crazy as usual...

What am I up to now?

Back in the groove

Every day I feel a little more myself. I am thinking clearer, feeling stronger and just basically better all around. Class started this week and even though I dread it, it was not the drain it has been in the past. I could think in class. Climbing up the stairs was not the big effort it's been. I am just beginning to realize how debilitated I was and it's shocking! It happened so gradually I didn't realize it was happening till it was completely out of control. Amazing how a little iron can make such a difference in your life!

So I have been busy. Very busy. The new floss shop has taken off gang busters! I have already had six orders and a total of 18 sales! I am so happy. This week I made six more colorways in embroidery floss and then I dyed four pieces of velvet. The velvet is just gorgeous as usual! IF I could just dye velvet all day every day, I would be even happier than I already am!

I also did some more work on the symbolism project. This is fulfilling my need for color in my embroidery.

I will continue to work on the other projects but now I have something to pick up when I want to play with brights!

Finally I have four of my velvet bags ready to list in the shop! I plan on putting them in tonight or tomorrow I am just in love with these little jewels. I want one for myself! Or maybe two or three...
Hope you are all having a wonderful week and here's to a fantastic weekend!

Symbolism revisited

So I pulled this old piece out, that had me pulling my hair out when I put it away. I decided there was nothing for it but to pull out all that red velvet. It was so puckered I couldn't even find it artsy looking like that, usually I dont mind a little...but this was TERRIBLE

I thought I could leave the stitching intact and just reinsert the velvet...but not can do. I had pulled the chain stitch so tight that I think it was more the cause of the puckering than the velvet. I had to rip all of it out too....

But here is what it looks like today, and a much happier and satisfied me I am! Can't wait to see what happens next ^_^