A stop to catch my breath...

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I last posted. I have been so neglectful! I also haven't been doing any sewing so I don't really have anything to post. Starting back to school has been a shock to the system. On top of that stomach flu and being diagnosed with arthritis in my neck now too. To finish it off I have started deep cleaning the house. Things really took a slide during the months I was suffering anemia. I didn't really notice how bad it was till I started feeling better. This week I am completely overhauling the bedroom area. Ripped everything out of the storage closet and clothing closet, folding, sorting and rearranging. Cleaned and rearranged the bedroom. Moved my work area and am trying to set it up a little more sanely. Since it looks like I am going to be doing a lot of dyeing I am moving my sewing things into the livingroom area and designating that a dye area only. Wouldn't want to ruin something on accident!
As I am doing all of this I am also tossing and sorting with the thought in mind that we may very well be moving in the next month or so. Right now, as it stands, I have no idea where we will be after next month. D's job finishes in two weeks. He has went on three interviews and has another in..Paris! They have expressed a great interest in him and he is travelling up there soon (date hasn't been set) to talk with them and see if that's where he wants to be, and how much they really want him. Moving there would require a larger salary, which he will ask for. Also it will be a big change. So right now I am trying to get everything organized to make a transition as smooth as possible. Part of me hopes he is accepted here in Bordeaux and we can continue living here in this apartment. Another part of me sees the advantage of living in a big city like Paris and looks forward to soaking up the culture and life of that beautiful city. PLease excuse me if I am a bit sporadic right now in my posting...I an running in circles!
3 comments on "A stop to catch my breath..."
  1. I just can't believe how similar your situation is to mine. My husband, too, is waiting for news from the guy he met in Berlin to hear if he is really going to get the job. We wouldn't have to move, but change is due, exactly at the same time. I'm keeping fingers crossed for you that everything will work out fine.

  2. hopefully he gets a job somewhere :) Paris would be nice, big city lots to see and do and lots of chances to get people to see you items :)

  3. Eva- we do seem to have very similar situations don't we? I hope everything works out well in your situation also!

    Jennifer Rose- Looks like there isnt going to be a problem with him finding a job, the offers are starting to pop up and he hasnt even finished his contract!