And More Rest

Sorry I have been quiet again. I've been very tired. I haven't really wanted to do anything lately. Every morning I get up and I just feel too tired to do anything. I go to my PT appointments, come home, clean a bit, cook a bit and maybe dye a bit but I haven't sewn a thing.
I thought I was just exhausted from lack of sleep. My hip bothers me every night and so my sleep is little. Today though, I found out that I have another reason for feeling reluctant to do any close up work. I went to the eye doctor. I have noticed an area in my vision where everything was blurred. It is very similar to when you get a spot in front of your eye from a flash bulb, except it never goes away. She did a lot of tests on me and discovered a few disturbing things. First off, I have a pocket of water behind my retina in my right eye. This is what is causing the strange spot in my vision. It's like when a movie screen would have a bulge on the surface. Everything reflecting on that area is blurred. Problem is..it's right in the middle of my eye. I cant see anything clearly up close with it. Secondly, and this one took me completely by surprise, my left eye has a weak area, she is very concerned that it will cause retinal detatchment. So I am to have eye surgery. She says the water pocket is often caused by fatigue and also cortisone in someone as young as me. Seeing as I have had no sleep and I also have had cortisone injections recently I think she might be onto something. So as of today I am stepping back for awhile. I go back on Wednesday for tests and possibly surgery. I will be resting till then and possibly for awhile afterwards. I am not sure how long I will feel like this. The doctor says that treatment on the pocket is usual held off in hopes it will resolve on it's own. I am thankful that this is not more serious and I plan on following any orders my doctor gives me to the letter. My sight is to precious to me to mess this up. I hope to be seeing for a long time in the future!
In the meantime, I will give you a peek at a few of the things coming from my dye pot. Thankfully I can still dye without straining my eyes!

Rainbow Silk Embroidery Thread

Cotton Lace Trim


Hobbs, you stole my heart!

Alas I cannot crochet, but I want him, I want him, really I WANT HIM! http://sukigirl74.blogspot.com/2011/03/free-hobbes-crochet-pattern.html
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