Moved Again!

 Just a quick update to let everyone know that yes, I have moved again. How many times in a year? I have lost count but this one I think will stick. I am back in Seattle and I plan on staying. I opened a shop last month and I am slowly settling in. Customers are starting to trickle in and I am working on my website again. I have lost so many things during my moves, things have been left here and there in three different countries and I have only just started sorting what stock I have left of my pretties to put in the online shop. I am also setting up a small area in my reweaving shop to put pieces of my work. I am excited on what the future has in store and I am finally starting to feel a bit of stability again! 

Stay tuned for updates, I have my workspace set up now and hope to start making new pretties soon.

Wishing you a joyous season,



 I know this blog seems dead and gone but it isn't. I have been traveling...moving...for a year now. Actually more than a year. I started packing my house back in Jan 2022. Since then I have been moving from place to place, often with only two suitcases. Most of my things are scattered in three different countries. Some I will probably never see again.

Just this last month I moved into an apartment I hope to be in for the next year. I spent the last few weeks getting my area set up to create, and I started making things again this last week. I hope to have my shop up and running soon, within the next few weeks if possible.

I have been playing a lot with my acrylic drops as you can see from this photo. I love these little swirls of color and I have trays of them all around me to pick and choose from as I create. I invested in some nice jewelry trays back in France and made sure they were one of the things I packed to bring with me. I am not sure if I will be able to find replacements when they run out so these may be a limited item. I love how good my drops look in these.

I have also been experimenting with my resin wings, using different methods to make a variety of styles. Each time I make a new set of wings I feel I get closer to perfecting the process. I now feel very confident I can make good, solid pieces that are worthy to put into my shop. When I first made my wings for my flight-of-dreams collection I made so many duds I had a whole box full of them. Now I rarely make a mistake. 

I hope to write a post on the making of my wings soon. And I am not only making wings, I am also going to add other whimsical items.

Stay tuned!