Blog Giveaway!

I know I promised you the results of my dyeing today but instead I have something better! I sold my first item yesterday!!!!!
I am so happy and excited that I have decided to have a blog give away in celebration. I am going to give away one of my new hand dyed floss skeins.

Just click on the picture if you want a closer look!

All you have to do is:

1) Leave a comment stating which one is your favorite from the photo above
2) Give me a suggestion for another color combination for me to try! You can even name your color combination and if I try it I will use the name and give you credit :)

I will be keeping this giveaway open for one week to give everyone a chance to join in. So feel free to leave a comment!

If you have a blogger blog please make sure your email is associated with your profile! This is how:
1) Open your profile page and click 'Edit Profile' on the left side. Make sure the boxes marked 'show my profile' and 'show my email' are checked.
2) Next, under 'Identity' add the email address you want your comment replies to be sent to.
3) Click save and you are done.
That way I can get ahold of you if you win!

If you dont have a blog then just sign your name and be sure and check back later to see the results and contact me if you are the winner :)

I will pick a winner Wednesday morning and post that day.
Good Luck Everybody :)
43 comments on "Blog Giveaway!"
  1. Hello Diane,
    I am entering your giveaway so I can win some of that gorgeous Deep Blue Sea! I just rescued a lovely apple green wool sweater from a thrift shop. I felted , cut up and reconstructed it. It is now a very pretty little clutch. Little blue flowers using your threads would be divine. See you on Twitter!
    your friend,

  2. www,enchantedquilling.etsy.comJune 3, 2009 at 1:08 PM

    OK I think I have got how to post...
    Name first and then colour combo!
    *SERENITY -Purple & Turquoise
    *TUITTY FRUITY - orange & lime green,could add a dash of lemon
    CHOCOLATE NOUGAT OR JUST NOUGAT -Beige, chocolate and cream
    LOLLIPOP -Fuschia & Purple
    LICORICE ALLSORT -Have you heard of these lollies?Black,fuschia and white

    More could appear as the brain is slowing down at the moment!

  3. I would love to see a softer combo to be used for cottage garden flowers. Maybe a floss of soft pinks, lavender and pale blue with a little green. I know you love your colors bold, so this might not be your cup of tea. Just a thought. Thanks for keeping an ancient art alive.....Janet

  4. enchantedquilling.etsy.comJune 3, 2009 at 1:19 PM

    In all my excitement of finding the right button to press I got carried away and forgot to say, I am in love with Hyacinth, my perfect colour combo!

  5. I do love my color but I am considering selling some floss in my shop and want to please other people by trying their color combos! Thats what makes this world so interesting...the wonderful variety :)

  6. Ooohhh I am in love with Fuschia Sun! Gorgeous!

    You could put together red & orange & call it "Sahara",



  7. Harvest is my favorite. How about some neutrals, such as browns, coffee, teas and creams. It could be named Mocha Whip.

  8. AH thats a nice idea! I am loving all of your suggestions. Thanks for the input everyone!

  9. I like leaf and deep blue sea. I'm horrible at picking one favorite. :)

    Other color combos, something with browns for sure. Blue and brown and pink and brown are very popular right now. I'm loving red and turquoise/teal together right now too.

  10. Fushia Sun but they are all beautiful..

    How about Purple, Fushia, and Yellow..Hope that combo hadn't been used yet..
    Call it Sunrise..

  11. I love fuschia & sun as well as deep blue sea! ...also loving all your color mixes in "set 2 dyed threads" in your flickr...went to your etsy to see if you were selling any of your threads actually...so I'm glad to read that you are thinking about listing some!

    Blue, Teal, Red, Yellow, Purple, Magenta & green... & call it "psychedelic"
    ...inspired by 60's concert posters!
    purple, green & gold & call it "mardi gras"


  12. My fave out of your current selection is fuschia sun ... yummy gorgeous! I would love to see see a teal, turquoise, yellow-ish combo. And definitely consider me for the drawing!

  13. I like the Fuschia Sun and would like to see some Hoodoo Sky :}==cobalt, electric blue, flame orange, sugar pink and saffron!

  14. ok now my head is just swirling with ideas ;D Good thing I still have lots of floss eh?

  15. Congratulations on the sale! That's so wonderful!!
    Count me in on the give away....I like the green....it will work great on my leaves.
    I think a gold/orange combo (SUNBURST) would be good for sun motifs.

  16. I forgot to ask..what was the sale?

  17. Harvest... I think
    love the fuschia too, but Harvest is my fave
    lime green and pink would love to see that

  18. I sold my guitar paisley brooch :)

  19. My favorite is Harvest...love the colors. I would love to see a "rose" combination. I hand embroider a lot of flowers and that would be a great addition to your already beautiful collection!

  20. Hi Diane :-) I went to read your blog today and discovered this giveaway. Cool idea.
    I like Hyacinth best

    and my suggestion for a colorway would be fuchsia/red/violet and you could call it "Hot Pants" :-D


  21. I can't resist the leaf/deep blue sea.
    If I were a OM fan, I'd suggest white and blue...
    Instead, I would suggest lavender and blue

  22. Let's see. How about some pastels?

    Minty Fresh - shades of pale green
    Sunrise - soft yellows and blues
    Sunset - pinks, oranges and purples
    Pebbles - grays and tans

  23. I think "harvest" is my favorite -- but I only count favorites from day to day! Tomorrow it might change. :)

    Some of my favorite color combos are aqua/blue, chocolate brown with other colors (i.e. green, blue), browns and creams in general, and pink/orange.

    Lovely floss! I am drooling over it.

  24. Shadows is my favorite.

    How about trying light pink and black for a French feel? Or chocolate and a light ice blue? Call either A Lovely Thing ;)

  25. I love the "Leaf" colour!

    ...and as you live in France, how about trying a "Geranium" colour - the country must be full of them by now!.....

    ..and we're all set to land in Boulogne on 6th July....

  26. oooo...my favorites are "Leaf" and "Harvest". My suggestion for another combo is "Sky" ... softer colors than what Arlee has suggested.

  27. I love them all, especially the Rainbow. I guess I would suggest mixing dark blue with your leaf green colors.

  28. have been going through my dyes trying to sort out what I am missing so I can try all these wonderful ideas. Thank you all for joining in and good luck on the drawing! :)

  29. My favorite is the third one from the top. My color suggestion is "Summer Sherbet" which would be the colors of raspberry, lemon, lime, and other sherbets.

  30. Rainbow is my favorite!

    My two fav color combos are robin's egg blue & chocolate and grass green & baby pink.


  31. It's me!! Finally I've decided on which colour combo I like the best!!! It's been a fight between Hyacinth, Harvest & Leaf and I've settled on Leaf!!

    I would love to see a colour mix of deep burgundy red and dark jade green as they're my favourite colours they are also the colours of Hawthorn in the Autumn and that is my favourite tree. If I was a tree that would be me.

    So I propose a thread dyed those colours and called Hawthorn.

    huge warm hugs,

  32. congrats to your sale! I hesitated to join the competition, because I got a giveaway from you already, now it is someone else's turn. My idea for a colour combination would be Bee-Eater in turquoise, green, gold, and golden brown.http://www.naturschroeder.eu/resources/0_Bienenfresser.jpg

  33. Leaf is absolutely gorgeous ! Kudos on your first sale, BTW.
    I'd love to see you try some blood red-fire orange combo. With a hint of dark pink and a little bit of purple maybe... No idea on the name this morning, though, not feeling very creative with words !

  34. I think i like "Pansy" best, it is a gorgeous colour combination! My suggestion for another colour combo would be pinks and white, and call it strawberry daiquiri. Or browns, whites and creams and call it Irish Coffee!

  35. Hyacinth is gorgeous! Erm colour combinations colors what about a few different shade of blue called Little Boy Blue or White, cream, beige, light brown called Fudge. Or Curtis colours of orange, yellow, lime green called Fruit Punch

  36. what wonderful floss...and I can only pick one??? ok...hyacinth it is, though truly they are all fantastic. my color combo idea would be bright green and purple and some yellow..however I am terrible at naming things..so iris is as good as I can do. thanks for doing a give away!

  37. OK I am back again, and I have not read through all the posts, Wow you have some thinking there to do!

    JAFFA -Chocolate brown and orange add a few strands of cream
    SHERBET - pink, orange and and lemon
    AVOCADO MASH -Purple and lime green

    Why are these names all connected to food?
    cheers again Janice

  38. Oh my the color combos keep rolling in! I have to admit I dont have all the colors I need to make all of these. I do have enough to make a LOT of them so we shall see what I come up with ^_^

  39. I love the Leaf! Its beautiful! Well, they all are....

    I would love to see Season color schemes, like red,orange,brown for autumn, white, blue for winter, summer could be greens and yellows and pinks, and spring, well maybe that should be pinks. Good thing you are doing this and not me :)

  40. I made one called autumn leaves and anther called summer day that Iposted in a prevous post. They are also on my flickr photostream. Good idea though!

  41. i love the rainbow one :D

    hmmm colour suggestions...I have birds on the brain so colours like the ones on blue and yellow macaws would look nice :D there are so many colours on them other the blue and yellow :) no idea for a name tho

  42. How about Watermelon Ice - green, pink and a little bit of brown? Or...History Making...sepia, brown, black & beige. Tranquil Sea...shades of blues and aquas? Tropical Splendour...blue-green, pink, and fushia.
    Its almost impossible to pick a favourite from your gorgeous offering, so, if I were lucky enough to win, I would love it to be a total surprise and be one of YOUR choice!

  43. Sorry Magpie's Musings that you were too late for the drawing please keep on the look out for future giveaways though!