We have a winner!

We have a winner. Using a random number generator I was given the number 3. Number 3 being Charis Sharpe...better know as Being Beatrice! Congratulations!! Now for the big surprise...not only will you be receiving your choice of Fuchsia Sun but also your suggestion for a color combination Sahara! Please contact me soon with your address :)

I spent the last week making every color combo that you all suggested (barring a few failures) and here they are!

Just as I promised I will be giving you all credit for your color suggestions. Unless you really don't want me too...

I will be posting all of these to sell in my etsy shop. The ones with names will be credited to you with a link to your respective shop or blog in the description!

If anyone didn't leave a name with their color combo and would like to now please feel free to! I did try to make the ones without names too. Now they are all patiently waiting for a title.

I had a lot of problems with browns so didn't attempt to make some of the brown combos. It's a difficult color to mix and I really need to purchase a brown dye. Then one of the last pieces I made ended up having a wonderful brown...figures LOL!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!
13 comments on "We have a winner!"
  1. congrats Charis :)

    all of those colours are wonderful! :D so many great colour combinations :)

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! Made my morning bright and cheery!!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  3. YEAH! I feel like i won anyways, seeing "Hoodoo Sky"--it's PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lovely! The names make these combinations yet more enjoyable. I had this experience with colour pencils: I find it a little frustrating if they only have numbers. The names and colours together are such a pleasure to use! Let me suggest a few names for some of those in the last picture (or do you have reservations already?)
    2 Hydrangea
    6 Water melon
    7 Granite
    8+9 Ottoman 1 and 2
    10 Atlantic
    11 Ceder

  5. I'm so glad everyone likes the colors! It was a lot of work but worth it!
    Yes Arlee, I thought your's came out particularly nice ^_^
    Thanks Eva for the name suggestions. I dont have any for them yet. THe one you call granite was my sad attempt at a coffee and cream combination. I really have to get some chocolate brown dye!

  6. Love all the new colours Dianne! ...and can't wait to see just what you do with them all.....

  7. Oh Diane,

    Thank you sooooo much! I'm so lucky that i get both!

    The colours that everyone suggested to you are just gorgeous!


  8. Congratulations Charis!

    Oh all of the new colors look wonderful...can't wait to see them in your shop!

  9. OMG!!!!! I love psychedelic!!!! They're all so pretty...but I knew my color when I saw it ...it just jumped out at me! Please send me a convo to let me know when you'll be selling your flosses! DMC is paling by comparison! LOL!

    june of isewcute

  10. Thank everyone, I'm so glad you are all pleased with the colors. I hope everyones came out the way they imagined! I am hoping to have them all in the shop by next week. Please let me know if you dont want your name linked with your idea!