Happy Birthday Baby!

So today is my honey's birthday. He isn't much into celebrating such things, but he knows how much of a kick I get out of it so I think he patiently tolerates it LOL!
Today he suggested right off the bat that we go into town on the pretense of buying him shoes. We had the MOST wonderful day! I ended up feeling like it was my birthday because the first place he took me was to buy this:

2 meters of silk velvet and fabric dye thickener!

After that we stopped at this charming cafe and had the most delightful meal. Do you see this plate? Do you notice to the left there...that round thing, wrapped in paper? Thats a whole wheel of roasted camembert with honey. Talk about to die for! The sauce that was drizzled around the edge of the plate was also a touch sweet. The proscuitto ham and mix of greens made a nice marriage with the cheese, toast strips and sauce.It was a feast! My honey had the magret(duck) salad with slices of grapefruit, raisons,etc...also VERY good! It is the best day I have had in a longtime. We wandered all over town and we came home tired but content.But thats not all. When we got home I made my honey a pile of homemade chicken chimichangs with all the fixins and ice cold beer. I think he must be feeling good and spoiled right now, and thats ok...I like him that way ;)

So here is what I have been working on the last few days.I mounted old man sun onto a piece of cloth and cut out four triangle from one of my recent silk velvet dyes. Here is before I started adding the trim around the edge.

And here I have the velvet mounted and the first part of the edging started. I already love him 10 times more than I did before. Stay tuned for progress shots.

Last but not least I took a shot of the smocked top next to the dyed material I have for the skirt. I still havent overdyed it to reduce the white but I plan on stayingwith this color mix.Just much more blues and purples and a lot less white. What do you think?
9 comments on "Happy Birthday Baby!"
  1. The food looks great! Loving your work! And your honey looks like a movie star!

  2. happy birthday to him! Sounds and looks like a great day :D

  3. lesthook~ *hehehe* oh he would so blush if I told him you said that! Thank you so much!

    Jennifer Rose~ Thanks,it was the perfect day!

  4. all gorgeous-man, dye and fabric, food and wip!

  5. Thanks Arlee! IT was a day of nice views ^_^

  6. Happy Birthday Mr. Diane! Love seeing your work in progress....and now you have made me very hungry ;-)

  7. Thanks Janet:) Sorry about making you hungry,come on over and I'll take you out there ^_^

  8. A bit too late to say Happy Birthday to your husband! Sorry, I just wasn't able to keep up with the blogs. Great day for you.
    The sun piece is amazing! Where did you get that face from? Did you draw it? It looks like a 1900 English carricature. Tremendous!

  9. Yes, Eva the face started out as a drawing You can see a little progression here http://www.flickr.com/photos/cymberrain/sets/72157619923010615/ although I was just beginning back then and took few shots. Thank you so much! I think I find thread painting themost enjoyable of my embroidery,but also the hardest!