Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had yesterday off too so thats two long weekends in a row! Lately when D gets off work he is raring to go and doesn't want to stop till it's time to go back to work. This weekend he WORE ME OUT! The trip into Bordeaux Saturday was fun but by the end of the day my legs simply didn't want to work. We took it easy Sunday if you count cleaning the house, finishing up 16 skeins of floss and photographing them, roasting a leg of lamb and having company over taking it easy! Then yesterday he wants to go to the beach. Well, the minute I started walking in the sand uphill I knew I was in trouble! My hips have been bothering me something fierce and the extra effort of wading though deep sand just did me in! I barely made it to the beachside and when I did I plopped down on my towel and didn't move the entire day. That's ok though, I was there to soak up the sun and that's exactly what I did! ^__^
So this morning I woke up to pain! I went to class anyway promising myself that if I could get through that class I was going to take it easy and just create for the rest of today and tomorrow. When I got home thats exactly what I did. Eight dye baths are sitting wating to be rinsed tomorrow.

I did four of silk velvet and I'm quite excited to see the results!

The red and yellow one is half and half, as I will use this in parts for one of my pieces.

I also did four cotton pieces. One of them another try at the stained glass window effect. I have my fingers crossed!

So tomorrow..the results :)
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  1. Looks like some hidden miracles you saw when diving in the seas!

  2. Yes Eva, I think I had the sea on my mind :)

  3. Looking great! I wanted to do some dyeing this weekend but didn't get there, maybe next. :)