Dye Experiment with floss

Yesterday D and I decided to just laze around the house instead of going anywhere so I decided to do my dye experiment that I have been wanting to do. I am wanting a bit more control with the dyes so wanted to do some color comparisons.

I mixed a bit of every color dye I have and soaked two skeins of floss. Then I proceeded to put down color in a controlled series recording as I went.

I wanted to see how they all combine and then planned on making a color chart to work from with them...unfortunately they ran a little more than I expected. Not only was I trying to be a lot more precise than I have been with my skeins, I was also only working with one strand. this requires much less dye and more skill than I exhibited! I'm afraid some of them blended way too much and I'm not sure if one color ran along a lot farther than it should of or what.

I now have two skeins of very pretty colored thread thatis not too useful as a reference. Ah well!
8 comments on "Dye Experiment with floss"
  1. What's that phrase??? LIVE AND LEARN...oh yeah that's it ;-)

  2. I'm sooo curious to see these threads wrapped on cardboard!

  3. *grabs emerald dye and runs away* ;)

    the thread is really pretty :)

  4. Proving once again that even a bad dyeing day is a good day!

  5. Eva~ I will post a pic of them wrapped this afternoon...very interesting LOL!

    Jennifer Rose Thank you! *sneaks the bottle back*

    Vicki W~ Although I say I have failures, I have yet to have a REAL failure. Things may not get used as intended, but every dye I have made, I loved!

  6. I think that it's in the experimenting, the "oops, I didn't mean for that to happen," that the best discoveries are made.

  7. Hey, serendipity is a whole lot more fun! Let the big companies that have to mass produce figure out how to duplicate colors. Just have fun making a lot until you either run out of dye or get bored ... it's no fun making "lots" of predictable thread. Your customers will come because you offer something that cannot be purchased elsewhere.