Too busy!

I looked up from photographing floss the other day and realized what a beautiful day it was. Had to capture a shot to show you all, and to remember it by...since I didn't have time to play.
Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I feel like I have been so busy, I never have time to do anything I want!
I have really enjoyed making the floss and have received such compliments about it. Everyone seems to love it. The packaging and photographing of it is NOT fun though. D pointed out that since it is a new process for me, and I did so much of it at once, that is probably the reason I am SO tired of photographing, wrapping and listing it! *grin* talk about biting off more than I can chew! Anyway, I still have about half of it to list, but I am going to take my time and take time out for other things. I miss my art! I want to sew! When it isn't fun anymore it's time to slow down right? Thank you all so much who bought some of it. It really felt good to know you wanted it.

Besides the floss I have had little time for much else. We had a wonderful trip down to see the family and a few good meals were involved. In the car on the way down and back up here I finished the front of my smocked top. I am quite pleased with how it looks. Now I have started the back. I have till July 18th to get this project done...

I also took over the livingroom closet. It was full of boxes, potting supplies and hardware. D pointed out that it would be a great place to store all my art supplies. Well, I emptied it out today and started filling it with material. I had planned on putting everythign in there...but this is what it looks like right now, and I still have more material! That's not even including all my supplies. Paint, soap making supplies, dye supplies, etc! Crazy, I remember less than a year ago when I had NOTHING! Almost all of this is donated to me by D's Mom and her friends. A lot of it is old clothes, sheets and left over material from other sewers. I like that though. I like to think I am helping things get reused. The whole top area is full of my dyed materials. It's so nice to have those to rely on. Now I have the floss too. I am so blessed!
Sorry I have no art to show you. I simply havent had the time. I definitely plan on changing that after tomorrow morning's french class I am going to set aside some create time!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!
5 comments on "Too busy!"
  1. Oh boy do I appreciate busy! I think it comes with the territory. I adore your smocking!

  2. Happy to see I am not the only fabric nut in the world...can we ever get enough??? I think not ;-) The sooner you finish the tedious stuff the sooner you can play with your fabric and threads...have fun!

  3. "When it isn't fun anymore it's time to slow down right? "

    well maybe slow down some days, have a loose work schedule so you have days where you make art and days where you dye floss?

  4. And i appreciate your photography and dyeing skills so much that Hoodoo Sky is now mine---bwaa ha ha haaaaaa--just ordered it from you this eve :}Can't wait to use it in the residency pieces!

  5. Karen-you and I both runningourselves silly! Thanks :)

    Janet-If you couuld see how quick I built up this stash, it's scary LOL!

    Jennifer Rose- definitely something like that because I'm not giving up my art and I'm really falling in love with dyeing...must learn to balance!

    Arlee- *hehehe* will get that sent right out to you. Everyone really seems to love that mix!