Little thing, big ow!

I was going to post a pic but decided it was just too gross. I bunged up my toe but good. It looks like a giant cherry sticking out there throbbing to the beat of my heart. I knew it was not doing well Saturday but went into town with Dorian anyway. By the time we got back home I realized just how bad. Big, Red, Sore and Angry Bad. Everyone wanted to go to the beach yesterday and I convinced Dorian to go without me. No sense of him missing out on the fun just because of my stupid toe! So I spent the day alone yesterday and finally had a chance to work on my dyes. I did the floss I needed, plus a few requests:

The top floss is the one I plan on using in my leaf project. I think it will work well for what I want.
I also did the material for the framework of Small World and three more velvet pieces:

The cotton is the big one at the end and it turned out perfect! I wanted it to depict the night sky because small world is about the moon dreaming. I thought it would carry the night to the rest of the picture. encompassing the dream. We will see once I get it down and next to the piece.

Mainly though, I have been sitting with my foot in the air or soaking in a footbath, so I have been stitching. One thing I love about stitching is you can do it even when you cant do much else!

Hope you all are well, I am back to stitching now!

More Experimenting

Yesterday I was down hard with a pain day so I worked a little more on my dye variations and finished them up today. I made up a chart so I can consult it. It's chintzy but it works. I dont really care what it looks like! Now I can get what Im looking for the first time if needed. I mainly did this to find the best browns but decided to do the whole color chart while I was at it. The best browns were combinations of three or four colors though. I worked on those today. I have come to the conclusion that buying brown dye will be much easier LOL! Eva, just so you know, I have not forgot about you. I am doing fun dyeing TOMORROW!

This is a little something I have been working on for the shop...more on that soon :)

Hope your week is going well!

Tres occupé

Busy, busy, busy...that's me. Sorry Eva, I promised you a pic of that thread yesterday but I was so busy I didn't get it done! Here it is :)

Pretty wild eh? Not sure what I will do with it. I suppose I can cut the strips into pieces. The blues, the reds, etc It is pretty, so that's a plus! I worked yesterday on a new one that I hope will work better. I dipped the floss in wax to make seperate areas so they wouldn't bleed.It worked partially LOL! Nellie made a valid point and I agree with her. The spontaneous variety is best I believe when making my floss. I still want a guide to help me when I do want a specific goal, such as someone requesting a color variation or when making a floss for one of my pieces that I have a certain look in mind for. Otherwise, dont worry...I will continue to PLAY with my dye!

I finished overdyeing my skirt material and it looks much better now. I went ahead and put it together. Now just trying to decide if I should add a ribbon edge to it. I have some variegated blue ribbon yarn (the shiny viscose kind) that might look good. I am thinking not though.

I also added a pink edge inside the rainbow around my suns face and working on a border. I started out wanting it all gold...but I'm thinking the black corners set it off.

I want to possibly make a motif in each corner and something on the gold. Now to decide what?

Oh, also I listed eight more flosses in my shop today,including the one above, Watercolor Dreams! Told you I have been busy ^_^

Dye Experiment with floss

Yesterday D and I decided to just laze around the house instead of going anywhere so I decided to do my dye experiment that I have been wanting to do. I am wanting a bit more control with the dyes so wanted to do some color comparisons.

I mixed a bit of every color dye I have and soaked two skeins of floss. Then I proceeded to put down color in a controlled series recording as I went.

I wanted to see how they all combine and then planned on making a color chart to work from with them...unfortunately they ran a little more than I expected. Not only was I trying to be a lot more precise than I have been with my skeins, I was also only working with one strand. this requires much less dye and more skill than I exhibited! I'm afraid some of them blended way too much and I'm not sure if one color ran along a lot farther than it should of or what.

I now have two skeins of very pretty colored thread thatis not too useful as a reference. Ah well!

Happy Birthday Baby!

So today is my honey's birthday. He isn't much into celebrating such things, but he knows how much of a kick I get out of it so I think he patiently tolerates it LOL!
Today he suggested right off the bat that we go into town on the pretense of buying him shoes. We had the MOST wonderful day! I ended up feeling like it was my birthday because the first place he took me was to buy this:

2 meters of silk velvet and fabric dye thickener!

After that we stopped at this charming cafe and had the most delightful meal. Do you see this plate? Do you notice to the left there...that round thing, wrapped in paper? Thats a whole wheel of roasted camembert with honey. Talk about to die for! The sauce that was drizzled around the edge of the plate was also a touch sweet. The proscuitto ham and mix of greens made a nice marriage with the cheese, toast strips and sauce.It was a feast! My honey had the magret(duck) salad with slices of grapefruit, raisons,etc...also VERY good! It is the best day I have had in a longtime. We wandered all over town and we came home tired but content.But thats not all. When we got home I made my honey a pile of homemade chicken chimichangs with all the fixins and ice cold beer. I think he must be feeling good and spoiled right now, and thats ok...I like him that way ;)

So here is what I have been working on the last few days.I mounted old man sun onto a piece of cloth and cut out four triangle from one of my recent silk velvet dyes. Here is before I started adding the trim around the edge.

And here I have the velvet mounted and the first part of the edging started. I already love him 10 times more than I did before. Stay tuned for progress shots.

Last but not least I took a shot of the smocked top next to the dyed material I have for the skirt. I still havent overdyed it to reduce the white but I plan on stayingwith this color mix.Just much more blues and purples and a lot less white. What do you think?

Hello World!

Well I did it, I changed my title...and what a mouthful it is! I was drowsing away in bed thismorning andit came to me. I know it's wordy. I know it's silly. I dont care. Its me. I am living a fairy tale. I do dream my work, often waking up with new ideas or solutions too old ones. And yes, I have danced in the twilight rain, and I liked it :p
So there it is. I tried to think up a title for days and nothing came. Then I left it alone and it came to me. I love it when that happens. By the way, Fairyland and Watercolor Dreams are also two of my favorite skeins of floss I made. I have recreated Fairyland so will be selling one skein of it in my shop as soon as the sun comes out and I can get some pictures. It is a cold and grey day here so far but i dont mind. I know it will be hot by afternoon.
Sorry no pictures but I dont really have much to photograph anyway. I worked last night on the material for my skirt. I have to redye it. There is just way too much white to it and D said it looks like a stained sheet. Guess I can't be going to the wedding in a stained sheet eh? I think I will over dye it with the same colors as I really like them. This time scrunching it good to make sure I get all over coverage. This afternoon if the sun comes out I will definitely take a little time to do a few photos and add a few floss to the shop. I think if I do a few each day it will be much easier to deal with.
And now I am off to do cleaning, and laundry and shopping...all those mundane tasks that keep us going.
Hope you have a wonderful Friday!!

Too busy!

I looked up from photographing floss the other day and realized what a beautiful day it was. Had to capture a shot to show you all, and to remember it by...since I didn't have time to play.
Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I feel like I have been so busy, I never have time to do anything I want!
I have really enjoyed making the floss and have received such compliments about it. Everyone seems to love it. The packaging and photographing of it is NOT fun though. D pointed out that since it is a new process for me, and I did so much of it at once, that is probably the reason I am SO tired of photographing, wrapping and listing it! *grin* talk about biting off more than I can chew! Anyway, I still have about half of it to list, but I am going to take my time and take time out for other things. I miss my art! I want to sew! When it isn't fun anymore it's time to slow down right? Thank you all so much who bought some of it. It really felt good to know you wanted it.

Besides the floss I have had little time for much else. We had a wonderful trip down to see the family and a few good meals were involved. In the car on the way down and back up here I finished the front of my smocked top. I am quite pleased with how it looks. Now I have started the back. I have till July 18th to get this project done...

I also took over the livingroom closet. It was full of boxes, potting supplies and hardware. D pointed out that it would be a great place to store all my art supplies. Well, I emptied it out today and started filling it with material. I had planned on putting everythign in there...but this is what it looks like right now, and I still have more material! That's not even including all my supplies. Paint, soap making supplies, dye supplies, etc! Crazy, I remember less than a year ago when I had NOTHING! Almost all of this is donated to me by D's Mom and her friends. A lot of it is old clothes, sheets and left over material from other sewers. I like that though. I like to think I am helping things get reused. The whole top area is full of my dyed materials. It's so nice to have those to rely on. Now I have the floss too. I am so blessed!
Sorry I have no art to show you. I simply havent had the time. I definitely plan on changing that after tomorrow morning's french class I am going to set aside some create time!

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Floss comes to cymberrain land

Announcing the wonderful new addition to my Etsy shop, scrumptious embroidery floss goodness! Feel free to stop by and indulge if the whim hits you!

I will be adding more pieces as I photograph them...which unfortunately takes time and the right weather conditions!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

A Fantastical View

I am off for the weekend to the country to visit family and relax. So while I am gone I leave you this: A view into Martina Ströbel's world

Hope you enjoy her work, I will be back soon.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo fun

Today I have been busy, busy, BUSY! I got up this mornign and decided that NO, I no longer like the way the livingroom is, so I completely rearranged it. Much happier now btw. After the dust settled I started taking pics of floss so I could post them on the shop. I forgot how long, drawnout and draining trying to get a good photo can be! I now believe that all good photographers really do EARN their money! After taking a good memory card full of photos I finally was satisfied with the first NINE pieces. Thats right, NINE. Which means I have somewhere around 40 to go? Have you started to get the clue that my title is a bit sarcastic? *grin*
Anywho...I hope to get my first set of floss posted tomorrow, YAY! In the meantime, here is a shot of the progress made on "Small World"

Can you tell I am getting close? Hopefully this will be done before the week is out, if not...next week maybe. I am starting another project tonight so you never know.

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

We have a winner!

We have a winner. Using a random number generator I was given the number 3. Number 3 being Charis Sharpe...better know as Being Beatrice! Congratulations!! Now for the big surprise...not only will you be receiving your choice of Fuchsia Sun but also your suggestion for a color combination Sahara! Please contact me soon with your address :)

I spent the last week making every color combo that you all suggested (barring a few failures) and here they are!

Just as I promised I will be giving you all credit for your color suggestions. Unless you really don't want me too...

I will be posting all of these to sell in my etsy shop. The ones with names will be credited to you with a link to your respective shop or blog in the description!

If anyone didn't leave a name with their color combo and would like to now please feel free to! I did try to make the ones without names too. Now they are all patiently waiting for a title.

I had a lot of problems with browns so didn't attempt to make some of the brown combos. It's a difficult color to mix and I really need to purchase a brown dye. Then one of the last pieces I made ended up having a wonderful brown...figures LOL!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Etsy Treasury

Today I was included in Enchanted Quills wonderful Etsy treasury! Isn't it pretty? She has wondrous taste...and I'm not saying that because she included me *grin* I have met several of the other artist on twitter and they are a great bunch of talented people. Please go check them out. Each of them has a unique talent. Be sure to check out EnchantedQuilling also. She has amazing skills!

Today is the last day of my floss contest! Be sure to scroll down and enter. I'm so excited about this contest. So many people have participated and made it such fun! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the results. You wont be sorry!

Sick Day

Hello Everyone. Hope this finds you all well! I'm afraid I have caught a touch of the flu and find myself moving slow. My poor DH has it too and it settled in his msucles and joints. He was such a sorry sight this morning hobbling off but he is tough and went to work anyway!
So a few days back he raised a question and I have found myself returning to it again and again. He asked me why my blog was still named "Wandering Far From Home" ? He pointed out that now this IS my home. That when I started this blog I was wandering off but have settled now. That my blog now is about my creative life and the discoveries there in. He is right. I think I have outgrown that title. Question is though, how much does a title change impact the life of a blog? Will I lose followers because of it, or will a new title that expresses my goals actually bring new life to it? As I said, this is a question I have been pondering. I know little about the affect of a title on a blog, what do you all think?

Last night I did a bit more work on 'Small World' I dreamed how I would edge it in my sleep. That tells me it is coming to a close. It will be complete very soon! Here is a little update shot of it. I have been playing with stars :)

As a last note...if you havent entered my giveaway, please scroll down to that post and enter. the contest ends tomorrow night so you are running out of time!

Take care all...Hope your Mondays are going well~

Rainy days

It's another rainy day but thats ok by me. It means I can snuggle down here in my corner and stitch away. I have been ignoring my stitching lately and I'm missing it. I have been having a blast with the dyeing and I absolutely LOVE it but my first love goes to my stitching. So today I stitch.

Last night I did a little stitching too and got quite a bit done on this little brooch I am making. I am not happy with it yet though. It's missing something. I have a few ideas though!

I also have been working a bit on "Small World" but only a little. This is what I did and I'm kinda liking it.

How is your weekend going?

PS. Dont forget to scroll down and enter my giveaway if you haven't!

New Dye batches!

First off, I want to thank each and every one of you who entered my contest! It's been so much fun reading your replies and you are all so creative with your color combos. I can't wait to try them out.

For anyone who is just coming here, scroll on down to my last post and enter my contest for the floss giveaway. You know you wanna!

Now I promised you all I would post pics of the latest dyes I've done and here they are. I didn't post all 8 here but if you would like to see the rest of them just mosey on over to my flickr photostream!

I have to tell you...I am in LOVE with this silk velvet. I want more...LOTS more! The colors are so bright and vivid its amazing! I already have plans for some of these. They just get my creative juices flowing ^_^
Check back tomorrow and I will post an update on "Small World" I havent had much chance to do stitching lately. I did get a bit done though and plan on doing more tonight! I really have to create some more creating time! *grin*

Hope you are all having a great week!

Blog Giveaway!

I know I promised you the results of my dyeing today but instead I have something better! I sold my first item yesterday!!!!!
I am so happy and excited that I have decided to have a blog give away in celebration. I am going to give away one of my new hand dyed floss skeins.

Just click on the picture if you want a closer look!

All you have to do is:

1) Leave a comment stating which one is your favorite from the photo above
2) Give me a suggestion for another color combination for me to try! You can even name your color combination and if I try it I will use the name and give you credit :)

I will be keeping this giveaway open for one week to give everyone a chance to join in. So feel free to leave a comment!

If you have a blogger blog please make sure your email is associated with your profile! This is how:
1) Open your profile page and click 'Edit Profile' on the left side. Make sure the boxes marked 'show my profile' and 'show my email' are checked.
2) Next, under 'Identity' add the email address you want your comment replies to be sent to.
3) Click save and you are done.
That way I can get ahold of you if you win!

If you dont have a blog then just sign your name and be sure and check back later to see the results and contact me if you are the winner :)

I will pick a winner Wednesday morning and post that day.
Good Luck Everybody :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had yesterday off too so thats two long weekends in a row! Lately when D gets off work he is raring to go and doesn't want to stop till it's time to go back to work. This weekend he WORE ME OUT! The trip into Bordeaux Saturday was fun but by the end of the day my legs simply didn't want to work. We took it easy Sunday if you count cleaning the house, finishing up 16 skeins of floss and photographing them, roasting a leg of lamb and having company over taking it easy! Then yesterday he wants to go to the beach. Well, the minute I started walking in the sand uphill I knew I was in trouble! My hips have been bothering me something fierce and the extra effort of wading though deep sand just did me in! I barely made it to the beachside and when I did I plopped down on my towel and didn't move the entire day. That's ok though, I was there to soak up the sun and that's exactly what I did! ^__^
So this morning I woke up to pain! I went to class anyway promising myself that if I could get through that class I was going to take it easy and just create for the rest of today and tomorrow. When I got home thats exactly what I did. Eight dye baths are sitting wating to be rinsed tomorrow.

I did four of silk velvet and I'm quite excited to see the results!

The red and yellow one is half and half, as I will use this in parts for one of my pieces.

I also did four cotton pieces. One of them another try at the stained glass window effect. I have my fingers crossed!

So tomorrow..the results :)