Sick Day

Hello Everyone. Hope this finds you all well! I'm afraid I have caught a touch of the flu and find myself moving slow. My poor DH has it too and it settled in his msucles and joints. He was such a sorry sight this morning hobbling off but he is tough and went to work anyway!
So a few days back he raised a question and I have found myself returning to it again and again. He asked me why my blog was still named "Wandering Far From Home" ? He pointed out that now this IS my home. That when I started this blog I was wandering off but have settled now. That my blog now is about my creative life and the discoveries there in. He is right. I think I have outgrown that title. Question is though, how much does a title change impact the life of a blog? Will I lose followers because of it, or will a new title that expresses my goals actually bring new life to it? As I said, this is a question I have been pondering. I know little about the affect of a title on a blog, what do you all think?

Last night I did a bit more work on 'Small World' I dreamed how I would edge it in my sleep. That tells me it is coming to a close. It will be complete very soon! Here is a little update shot of it. I have been playing with stars :)

As a last note...if you havent entered my giveaway, please scroll down to that post and enter. the contest ends tomorrow night so you are running out of time!

Take care all...Hope your Mondays are going well~
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  1. OMG...Diane I love your moon! By now you know how I feel about my moon ;-) Talk to hen about blog name changing...she did it and it made no difference to me. The bloggers that love you will follow no matter what you name your blog...count me in. Your name must speak to you now, not the past...unless you plan on blogging about the past. I actually was wondering about the far from HOME thing also...your smart hubby is correct...you are home. If that is true...then where are you supposed to be wandering to??? Know that you are rooted where stand now and go from there....I look forward to your new blog name...Janet

  2. Thanks for the great advice! This is what I needed to hear :)

  3. The only thing I found when I changed the name of my blog from beeleaf to heartandsoil was that people who have linked to beeleaf for the past year may take a while to update their links. So my visitors dropped a bit but have been steadily gaining again. Thats why I kept the beeleaf blog page and redirect people from there to heartandsoil.

    Make sure you change the name of your blog in your settings rather than starting a new blog from scratch. That way you dont lose any followers at all.

    Other than that It's been really positive.

    Ask me questions and things!


  4. I noticed that when I link to your blog Henm that is says the blog name in your address. I use blogger to but my address is www.cymberrain.blogspot.com and I dont think that will change when I change the name...so there wont even be a link problem right?

  5. Sorry you are feeling ill, hope you and your hubby get well soon!!
    As far as changing your blog title, if you just change the title in blogger without changing your actual address there shouldn't be a problem. I had to change my address in the past and like hen just left the other blog out there with a link to the new one, and everyone pretty much made followed over. Just my two cents!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  6. That is a marvellous Moon, I love it.

  7. Michelle~ Thanks so much for the input. I am feeling a little more confident about it now. Now to tink up a new name ^_^

    PG..thanks so much! I'm a bit of a moon freak :)

  8. I agree with hen about the change. And, after all, I'm following you, not the blog name. I guess your followers would say so. I did that in the beginning, I found "creative diary" a clichee and turned it into "colourful research".
    D is right, our home is where our heart is.

  9. Hi Diane, I love your blog. I initially started following it after we met in LotRO because I like you and I was interested in your life as an American living in France, but now I also look forward to seeing your beautiful artwork. Small World is amazing!

    To answer your question: personally, I search for Cymberrain to get to your blog. It's such a distinctive word. I'm not sure how others find you, though.

    Best, Teneriel

  10. Ah I miss you Tene! I must sign on and talk with you soon!

    Thanks Eva...now to think of a name :p

  11. Hi again Diane,

    I haven't been in LotRO myself for a few weeks; I may wait until the next update - book 8 - which should be out soon. Maybe we will run into each other in LotRO in late June. :)
    Your RL adventures and crafting are much more real and lasting, though; I can understand completely why you are focusing on them. Best, Teneriel