Hello World!

Well I did it, I changed my title...and what a mouthful it is! I was drowsing away in bed thismorning andit came to me. I know it's wordy. I know it's silly. I dont care. Its me. I am living a fairy tale. I do dream my work, often waking up with new ideas or solutions too old ones. And yes, I have danced in the twilight rain, and I liked it :p
So there it is. I tried to think up a title for days and nothing came. Then I left it alone and it came to me. I love it when that happens. By the way, Fairyland and Watercolor Dreams are also two of my favorite skeins of floss I made. I have recreated Fairyland so will be selling one skein of it in my shop as soon as the sun comes out and I can get some pictures. It is a cold and grey day here so far but i dont mind. I know it will be hot by afternoon.
Sorry no pictures but I dont really have much to photograph anyway. I worked last night on the material for my skirt. I have to redye it. There is just way too much white to it and D said it looks like a stained sheet. Guess I can't be going to the wedding in a stained sheet eh? I think I will over dye it with the same colors as I really like them. This time scrunching it good to make sure I get all over coverage. This afternoon if the sun comes out I will definitely take a little time to do a few photos and add a few floss to the shop. I think if I do a few each day it will be much easier to deal with.
And now I am off to do cleaning, and laundry and shopping...all those mundane tasks that keep us going.
Hope you have a wonderful Friday!!
8 comments on "Hello World!"
  1. Hello Diane....LOVE the new blog name...it is so you! I am very happy that it has a special meaning to you...as it should....now have fun with it.
    your friend,

  2. Thanks Janet, every time I read it I get a big ole smile on my face *hehe*

  3. I copied the full name into my list. Something so beautiful can't be long enough.

  4. Why thank you Eva! I really do love it. My husband said "Wow,that's a lot of ands!" but he had to agree, it does suit me ^_^

  5. It's a mouthfull...but a FUN mouthfull! I like the title & since you aren't wandering anymore...it suits you!


  6. Love the new name!! I don't know you well(yet), but it seems to fit you!!
    ~Michele from By Your Side

  7. My oh MY!.....does this mean that our little gypsy is done wandering? M-M-M

  8. Thank you all, I think that settles it, I'm keeping it!
    and Linda dear...you never know about this little gypsy ;)