I'm a little bit melencholy today. I have went and caught D's cold with all it's bells and whistles. Fever? check. Nose stopped with a cement plug thats impenetrable? check. Sandpaper throat? check. Ominous rumblings in the nether regions of my lungs? Check, check, CHECK! I'm not the only one with this malicious germ either. Everyone I have seen this weekend has been in the grip of this beast >.< I just want to feel better! I want the cold gone! I want the doc to give me a treatment that fixes everything. I want to be able to sleep at night and not hurt all the time. UGH!

OK. Rant off. Sometimes you just have to let it all out, ya know?

I have been stumbling along with these ideas I have running around in my head. I'm not sure that I'm pulling them off. They look so good on paper but when I start putting the pieces together I sometimes have to stop, scratch my head and wonder what I was thinking. I spent yesterday peacefully stitching some of the embroidery parts onto the pieces and then I stitched up a few of the components. This will be a sewing set. Somehow. How it will all come together in the end I'm not sure.
I had envisioned a sewing organizer that you would put over the arm of your chair. I wanted it to be customizable. I'm not so sure what I had in mind will work out in reality. Maybe it's just my head refusing to work under these conditions *hehe* I really don't blame it if it goes on strike.

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  1. This is very ambitious...I like using/altering already existent things and then attaching bits which is quite a bit less challenging. I do see that you struggle with some of the same things I do...Sometimes a neutral color can be helpful to set off more vibrant colors, like an olive green with a pink.

  2. I do agree with you about neutral colors. This pink is quite bright, fortunately it is a crystal wash s oits not an all over pink. I have been calming it with the black. I have always loved the combination of black and pink together. I hadn't thought of olive green, although that would have been a nice combination also. I love stretching myself with difficult projects. If it isn't to hard then I feel like I'm getting off easy *grin*