I spent last evening in quiet stitching.

Slowly filling the spaces with imaginings of underwater things.

I also made this fun fringe for the bottom of my bag.

Soon this project will be done. I already have plans for many more. My head is always overflowing with ideas it seems, but never enough time to make them all. What's funny is all the times I come up blank...where do they all run to when you need them? *grin*

Today was my first day back to class. It was a difficult morning. My body made much protesting about the abuse I was putting it under. I made it there though and back again. It is hard to go back after so long away. The teachers words all ran together and I looked back with a blank stare. Fortunately he is a patient man and I think he understands the shock of returning. I think the activity is good for me. I have been too long indolent. Hope you all have a great Monday. I am resting this afternoon and trying to convince myself that I can do this all over again tomorrow :)
3 comments on "Returning"
  1. The fringes are great! Kind of wild style. I hope you will get aquainted again soon with school. Best wishes!

  2. Wow you are talented! I can't sew a button!