I found this old picture of my daughter when going through some folders today. It shows one of my windows I painted in the background. That was a huge project covering all four of those windows and it took a lot of time. I really loved that window and hated leaving it behind. I remember once my ex was doing some work outside and fell off the ladder and into the window. The window held together because of the paint on it and probably prevented him from getting seriously injured.
I also remember picking shards of glass off the picture and placing it back on the new window afterwards. It held up well! I have decided to paint some miniature stained windows for my little fairy cottage. Silly aren't I *hehe* I will try to fit that project in tonight I think.

I have thought long and hard on how I can continue to create as I want to and still fulfill my goals of learning french and getting healthy. One thing I have decided to do is always take my sketchpad with me on my walks. I will walk to a certain point in the city, sit down and sketch whatever I see and then walk home. This way I am still getting my exercise in and also opening my mind to surrounding I might have missed otherwise. I havent done much sketching in a long time so I think it will help me improve my art. Drawing is NOT like riding a bike. It takes time to hone your skills and when you leave them behind they can grow very rusty!
The second thought I had involved the time that I am quietly stitching at home. I usually have an american television show running in the background. I listen to it more then I watch it. Maybe if I could find something french to listen to instead? Anyone have any good suggestions? Something that is spoken clearly or something that is simpler? I think if I immersed myself more in the french that it would come to me more easily. Last night we spent the evening with friends. They are a wonderful french couple who both know enough english that we can have passable conversations. They also both try to help me with my french. I still cant understand hardly anything that was said during the course of the evening (unless it was in english of course *grin*) I could usually figure out what the conversation was about, but that was it. I have a long way to go.....
Hope you are all well today. I am feeling much better now and think I might see a light at the end of the tunnel!
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  1. Smart idea. I'm getting better about taking either my digital camera or a sketch pad out with me as well. Some images that will jog my memory on pieces I would like to create.

  2. Hi Diane,

    I just read your blog after being "out" of commission lately on blogs and all...
    Now that the weather is getting warmer and it's nicer to be outside again... I think things will start getting better... Me, too.. I have to lose weight.. It's a must... it's not easy, but it's doable... Please feel free to email me if you need a boost- it's good to have moral support.... Take care, Leesa

  3. Kindergarten tapes? =P