Mystery Object

I couldn't sleep again last night, so sat up till the wee hours of the morning making this...

Can you tell what it is trying to be? I am loving working with the wool. This is the beginning of my second idea. I put my tangle of pink and black mess aside for the moment to work on something a little more soothing and tactile. My WIP's are starting to pile up *grin*

I hope to have more to post on it tomorrow. We do have to make a trip to the Talence police station today to file the papers for my carte de sojour renewal. Plus a stop on the way to make new ID photos. Ick.
2 comments on "Mystery Object"
  1. looks like a roof for a thatched cottage, the type with windows in the eaves. Please don't be offended if I am way off the mark.

  2. Sooo curious about what it will be!
    -- Don't you have a permanent residence through being married to a french citizen?