Finally, It's done! I have to admit there are a few things I'm not crazy about with this one, but all in all it's good. Funny but I ended up liking the back more than the front *hehe*

Well, now I can move onto other things. I already spent the evening working up some ideas for my new piece. Looking through fabrics and such.

This is a preliminary sketch, but who knows if it will look anything like this. Half the time my finished work looks nothing like my original idea. *looks at mermaid bag*

And this is what I got in the mail yesterday! I am so excited. I have been wanting to try my hand at needle felting for awhile. I realize that this is at least the third thing that I am 'wanting to try' that I haven't got around to doing anything with, but I promise I will be doing things with this, my batik supplies AND my fimo *grin* If my body would just get healthy and my horrid French class would go away, I might have some time to actually do all of this! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!
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