Home again, home again, jiggedy jig!

I am finally home and glad to be back to civilization. I love the mountains, the view is breathtaking. I am not one that loves the cold too much though. The fireplace was my best friend! The trip up was a big scary. Once we hit the mountains the snow was coming down at a fair clip.

The storm that came through a few weeks back has done considerable damage to the trees throughout the southwest of France. Just the small storm we had this weekend caused several more trees to topple since their root systems were so weakened. So on our trip up we actually drove UNDER more than a few toppled trees!

This is the cabin, which is actually an old stone barn that D and his family restored. The work is ongoing, so each time we go it changes a little. Last time we were here the entire upper story was like one big dormitory. Now they have built a new wall to seperate the master bedroom from the rest.

The view out the livingroom is nice

but the view off the balcony upstairs is stunning!

We took a trip down into the valley to St. Girons on the third day there.

It's a beautiful little village with a river running right through the middle of it. The views all around are just wonderful.

It's full of winding little streets with cute little shops. We had a nice meal there at one of the restaurants and just wandered around most of the afternoon.

Afterwards we drove up to Lac de Bethmale. What a beautiful place.

D made me a valentine in the snow :)

D and friend did much snowboarding and the weather was perfect.

He did hit his head pretty hard at the end of the last day and went to bed early complaining of neck pains. Today he seems much improved.

All in all it was a wonderful trip. I am glad to be home to my warm cozy hole though!
2 comments on "Home again, home again, jiggedy jig!"
  1. What a great thing to share impressions of your trip! But I can imagine your dislike for the cold. The place is beautiful. Thank you for showing it.

  2. Beautiful photos ... makes me want to hop on a plane right now! I especially love the look of the renovated barn work in progress where you stayed.