The Journey begins...

Last night as I fell asleep, images of Kokopelli danced through my head. Rainbow colored notes flew from his flute as he played to the moon. He played under the stars...to me.

Kokopelli is an anusazi legend, the storyteller, fertility god, prankster and the spirit of music. He will be the start of this story and so I will make him a home among the rainbows. I have found my beginning....

I also pulled out my paisleys...They are getting close to being done ^_^

Tonight I sit and stitch, tomorrow I will pack and we leave for the mountains. I am looking forward to stitching by the fire there in the old rocking chair with that wonderful, wonderful view of the mountains right outside the window.
2 comments on "The Journey begins..."
  1. How joyful this piece looks now! I'm sure the Kokopeli dream is a good omen.

  2. WOW!! You're so talented and artistic!! Have a great time in the mountains.... - Leesa : )