Busy, busy bee!

Although my weekend was busy with snow, keeping the fire going, wandering through quaint little mountain villages and other general fun stuff I did still manage to work on a few things. My symbolism project is irritating me to no end and I had to set it aside for awhile. Sometimes it's good to step back from something and let it breathe. So instead I worked on other things.

I finally completed this little pincushion, the second that I've made of these. The first was more of a trial run and I'm much happier with this one. I made the base wider so it sits more stable and I stuffed this with wool. I also made the pin cushion part separate and inserted a cardboard bottom to it so the needles wont go all the way in and be lost in the shoe part. I hate when that happens!

I also cut out this new shoe and I'm doing a little ribbon embroidery on this one. I love the delicate effect of this type of embroidery.

Did a little more work on my paisley project. I am really close to completing the embroidery part of this one...now to just figure out what to do with it! It originally started out as the flap to a messenger bag. I have put SO MUCH time and effort into this that I wonder if that's the proper thing to do with it. I really love the way its turning out so I want to make it into something great. Any suggestions?

And finally this is a little brooch that I needle felted. I have to admit, I'm really loving this medium. It seems to be fairly simple but I think there are a few tricks I need to learn. I did already break a needle >.< Everyone had said they break easily and I thought I was being careful....I guess not.
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  1. The embroidery is coming out nicely! If you don't know what purpose it is for, just display it where you can see it well, especially when waking up, and it will tell you what it wants to be. -- I'd hesitate to use a shoe as a pincushion, I'd think of causing some woodoo foot pain unintentionally :-) -- though, the shoe is cute again, looks like you're enjoying the work with colours.