Being sick is no fun

Well I am finally recovering from being sick. I started feeling ill the day after D arrived from France and it has managed to stick around all week long. Fortunately he hasn't caught it which really surprised me. I spent part of that time getting my papers together. I was able to get everything together to finalize that and I'm sending the papers off in the mail today, after that...a 90 day wait. While I'm waiting for that to finish up I have to gather my birth certificate, old marraige papers and get the divorce papers in hand. Then I have to find a lawyer that is acceptable to issue me the document stating that I'm free to marry. I also have to have all these documents translated but I think I have to do that over in France. If thats not enough, I have to decide what clothes to take with me and which to leave behind. Do you realize what a problem that is for a clothes horse like me? o.o Well one good thing about leaving most of it behind....just means I get to replace it LOL!

At last!

Well after many delays and frustrations, finally I am with my honey again ^_^ There were many long naps yesterday to catch up on lost sleep and I think we are finally feeling normal again. He brought me several treats which I will try to upload a pic of ( I am new to this software :s) He wanted to bring me some wonderful treats from the farm back home but the regulations won't let him bring foie gras or several other items into the US so he brought me chocolates...and I'm not complaining! I have long been a lover of Ferraro Rocher Hazelnut chocolates and it seems over there they have a whole line of chocolates, Of the ones I sampled they are all good. He also brought me some packaged crepes, which I guess are quite common over there. These had little cereal bits in them and a chocolate filling. He said there are many kinds, one with a banana flavoring being his favorite. I can't wait to get to France and start sampling everything else *grin* I think I'll have to give up on ever fitting into my favorite pair of jeans :p
Well today is the most exciting day ever..and the biggest nightmare. It all started at about 2:30 this morning when D called me back from Amsterdam to tell me that his flight had been delayed. Another three hours...I sat and chatted with him for an hour, so it wouldn't seem to be as long and then fell into bed. I'm not so used to staying up late these days *grin* Well I felt like I had just fallen asleep when the phone rings. It's D again telling me they delayed the flight yet AGAIN, and it was snowing there. Ugh! Now he is worried they will cancel it altogether and I can hear how tired he is. He can't fall asleep on planes and he had only had three hours of sleep before they had left the house to go to Toulouse. HE was already exhausted from the first flight and still had at least another 14 hours before he arrived here. Well I went back to bed, tossing and turning and woke up at 7:30 just as they were supposed to be boarding. (Isn't it odd how sometimes your body does that inner alarm clock thingy?) I went and checked on the web site and thank god, they were boarding right then. Much relief and finally sweet dreams for me ^__^ . Well I let myself sleep in this morning, even though I havent done the dishes OR sweep the floor, forever the procrastinater! On getting up I check the flight arrival times. 8 pm! I couldnt believe it, even later? All I know is when I pick up this poor man at the airport he will probably be asleep standing up! Well awake, asleep, however he is, I will be so glad to have him here with me once again!

My First Post o.o

Well hello everyone ^___^ I am creating this blog to document my journey through the maze of going from being a single girl living in Seattle, Washington to a married woman living in Bordeaux, France with my wonderful sweetheart. Hopefully this will help my family and friends have a little insight into whats going on out here in crazyland :p Today is an exciting day as it is ONE MORE DAY till D arrives from France to spend another three months together. Hopefully while he is here we will be able to finish taking care of all the details and I'll be ready to fly over there soon after he leaves. OMG I'm so excited, I have missed him so much :)