Being sick is no fun

Well I am finally recovering from being sick. I started feeling ill the day after D arrived from France and it has managed to stick around all week long. Fortunately he hasn't caught it which really surprised me. I spent part of that time getting my papers together. I was able to get everything together to finalize that and I'm sending the papers off in the mail today, after that...a 90 day wait. While I'm waiting for that to finish up I have to gather my birth certificate, old marraige papers and get the divorce papers in hand. Then I have to find a lawyer that is acceptable to issue me the document stating that I'm free to marry. I also have to have all these documents translated but I think I have to do that over in France. If thats not enough, I have to decide what clothes to take with me and which to leave behind. Do you realize what a problem that is for a clothes horse like me? o.o Well one good thing about leaving most of it behind....just means I get to replace it LOL!
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  1. You will need to get any birth certificate, marriage and divorce papers translated here in France. They will also have to be translations that are less than 3 months old at the date of needing them for any official reason.