At last!

Well after many delays and frustrations, finally I am with my honey again ^_^ There were many long naps yesterday to catch up on lost sleep and I think we are finally feeling normal again. He brought me several treats which I will try to upload a pic of ( I am new to this software :s) He wanted to bring me some wonderful treats from the farm back home but the regulations won't let him bring foie gras or several other items into the US so he brought me chocolates...and I'm not complaining! I have long been a lover of Ferraro Rocher Hazelnut chocolates and it seems over there they have a whole line of chocolates, Of the ones I sampled they are all good. He also brought me some packaged crepes, which I guess are quite common over there. These had little cereal bits in them and a chocolate filling. He said there are many kinds, one with a banana flavoring being his favorite. I can't wait to get to France and start sampling everything else *grin* I think I'll have to give up on ever fitting into my favorite pair of jeans :p
2 comments on "At last!"
  1. I am pleased to hear that you have your man with you again.

    I also love Ferraro Rocher.

    Racheal x

  2. Well that is a touching blog, keep it up. You will get to sample all the delights of this fantastic area of France, but it will take a while to try them all. I would love to see your face the first time you taste fresh Cepes cooked in the local white wine!