Summer Fun

Hello again! I hope the summer is treating you well. We had quite a hot streak awhile back but things have cooled back down again and I can enjoy the weather a bit more. We have been up to the mountains again and love it up there so much we might even move there. You never know!
The van is shaping up quite nicely. Frenchie still needs to work on the shelving storage system but other than that we are good to go. We took a trip up last week to a new lake and it was quite nice. When I got tired I just climbed into the van and out like a light! It's so beautiful and I am thankful for the opportunity to spend some time up there among all the nature.
   So this month I have started on my journey of learning to make at home natural products for the home and body. The first two things I made were toothpaste and deodorant. I am pleased to say that I am VERY happy with both. In fact I won't ever go back to store bought. Why did I wait so long? Next in line is homemade sunscreen. I hope to make that today or tomorrow. I have a big long list of things I want to make including cleaners and balms, etc. Having the balcony garden is a help as I do have some herbs out there to use as ingredients. I hope to keep adding beneficial herbs as I go. i also planted 6 new tubs of fall veggies: greens, broccoli, carrots, cauli, etc. They are already peeking their little heads out of the soil and I hope they continue to grow unmolested. I have had quite a few battles with the aphids and now caterpillars. Who knew they could find me up here so high in the sky? I haven't had a large harvest off my garden yet though I have had a steady small supply of lettuce coming in and a small handful of cherry tomatoes every day or so. It's not much but it is a beginning and I think next year I will do much better now that I am learning. I also managed to make 6 more bottles of red current cordial and one very concentrated bottle of black current cordial. They are both simply delicious! I ordered some water kefir this week and want to start making kefir sodas. I will probably try some ginger and cream flavored sodas with the kefir. I can't wait to try it! Why put junk in your body when you can drink such wonderful healthy drinks?

  As to doing anything creative wise, I did finish my paisley necklace finally and I have started on several sewing projects.
 I am in sore need of a few dresses and had some nice material floating around in the supply closet so I decided to give it a whirl. It's been awhile since I made myself something so why not? I also have plans to make a new purse. I do tend to flit about going from one thing to another but it sure does keep life interesting!

 So how has your summer been going? Been anywhere interesting?