Internet Troubles

I've had problems with my modem for the last week and it looks like it might continue on through the week till we can get it replaced.
In the meantime, I have been busy


More Floss!

So here I am, up to my elbows in new floss to wrap and get ready for the shop. I am not complaining though. It's been fun getting back in the groove. I even bought myself an umbrella swift. I figure with this much wrapping I need all the help I can get...now if it would just hurry up and get here!

Tonight...back to wrapping more floss. I think if I don't I might sell out. Oh dear!

Going Forward

Thank you all so much for your kind words on my last post and Anne I will heed your words of wisdom. I can see where that could easily happen!

I have been very busy with my embroidery floss. I dyed a lot of it the last few weeks but continue on to refill my stock. I was amazed to see how low it was.

 So yesterday I spent the day wrapping skein after skein of floss and setting it to soak in the soda ash. Today I will be mixing dyes and hopefully get all these lovelies steeping in their colors.

Last night I decided to take a rest and play with some fabric. I am loving how this is coming along...
For those of you wondering where I have been, I am sorry for my absence. I haven't been here for awhile. I haven't WANTED to be here for awhile. In fact, one day I got up from my studio chair, walked out of the room, closed the door and didn't go back in there for months. The piece I was working on still sits on my desk in the same position I left it in. How does something like that happen so suddenly?
I'm not sure but I do know that looking back I only see long stretches of grey. Why? Who knows? What causes such a thing I can only guess at. The long cold winter had finally hit home?  The realization that I will never measure up to the image I have in my mind? The fear that my eyes would never be the same and stressing them could only make matters worse?
I don't know what caused all this. I do know that somehow, someway I am slowly creeping back out into the light. I dyed a bunch the last few weeks. I found myself looking at colors and thinking...I wonder if I could capture that on silk? I am starting to have ideas again. I picked up a needle and sewed. I am not sure if I am out of the woods yet but I see the sun between the trees and I am going forward as fast as my legs will take me.