Agen way...

So this weekend we went down to visit D's family again and had a good visit. His Mom took us to the nicest little village and it had cats everywhere (little statues of cats)

I had a wonderful time wandering around and trying to spot the cats and took many wonderful pictures of the architecture.

What a quaint little place!

This sign of the services offered gave me a laugh...you wont see that in the US! HaHA!

A nice display of veggies at the little store there...

...and a pic of D's grandfather. He is such a dear!

While we were there we also went to visit his good friend Matt, who made us wonderful homemade pizza, French Style! He is a baker and makes us wonderful treats. We also had a wonderful fresh fruit tart for dessert the he made.

If you look close enough in the background you can see his passion...he collect LOTR items, and they are quite creepy. Hats off to Audrey for putting up with that in her diningroom :p

Last but not least a pic of my honey *^_^*