Change in the Wind

Hello all, once again I find myself being lax with this blog and once again I apologize. I have been lost in thought lately as life is going to be changing a lot around here. I am not sure in which direction I am going to go with my work and it has caused a lot of indecision on my part. I really miss making huge intricate pieces of fiber art. I know they don't sell. I know they take countless hours and really they are priceless in my mind. That does not take away the desire to create them. They are my true art. They were never about the money and the few pieces I did sell felt like I was parting with my children. I am just not wired to make simpler works. Even when I tried to just make simple tarot bags they ended up being overly elaborate if only in the fact that I would satin stitch things by hand, taking hours to do something a machine could do. I like having my little shop on Etsy and selling some fabrics. It gives me a bit of pocket money and makes me feel productive but it is also not filling that hole inside me that wants to be filled with tiny stitches and sprays of beads flowing down a swirl of color. It simply cannot replace that. So where to go from here?

We are at a moment of possible big change here. A move is talked of. The start of a new business. The possible start of a dream. I think for now I must be patient with myself. I also think I need to pick up my needle again.