Velvet Squares

Do you think I have enough?

Playing with squares


Quiet Stitching

Quiet Stitching, originally uploaded by cymberrain.

Quietly stitching, contemplating. Thankful for the ones I love, thankful for life.


A Pause

Sorry but once again I must call a pause. Unfortunately, Monday my dear husband was rushed to the hospital suffering from what the doctors believe was a stroke. They still arent sure and are running a gamut of tests on him. They say he will be there for at least a week so that is where I will be as much as possible. I hope to return soon, with a healthy husband nearby.
Thank you all for stopping by. I really appreciate you all so much!

Progress on the velvet projects and a nice surprise

So here is the last batch I pulled from the washer, all lined up to dry. Nice darks to add to the pile of colors that are slowly building up. Soon I will have what I need to start compiling my packs. Quite excited!

And this little beauty still fresh from the wash...what a nice surprise. Just an old piece of cotton used to catch the drips. Lovely!

Velvet Squares

I hope to finish the shop update today. I have finished listing everything except the silk ribbons, which shouldnt take long. I can't believe how much stuff I have went through this week. I am glad it is almost over.

I am starting work on my new idea of the velvet squares packs. I want to make up several this week so will start dyeing probably tomorrow. I already preshrunk the velvet and decided on a 7" square as the size. It seems just about right for what I would want. If anyone has a good reason why they should be a different size please let me know. I want this to be a useful item for people. I know it is going to be useful for me!

I have been working on a list of colors I need to make up the packs I already have in mind but I wanted to ask you all...what would your idea of a good theme be? What colors would you like to see in a pack? I still have a pile of velvet here so I can make up quite a bit before I run out so send me some ideas! I have a nice gradient of blue going already and will use part of them for the Forest & Sky packs I am making. Now onto the rest of the colors....


All the organizing is finally done (except a few labels) My price list is figured out. The photographs are taken. All in all, when I finished I had 54 new items to list in my shop. My goodness I had no idea I still had so much sitting here waiting for my attention. SO today I will try to get all of this stuff listed, which might take me more than a day. It will feel so good to put them all on their shelves and in their boxes and have some nice open space in here. I still have my new project for the shop to work on, the velvet squares. It wont be as crazy or time consuming though. I plan on working on that also the next week. After this is all done though I am seriously going to take some time to work on all these big fiber projects that are just sitting being neglected. I miss my evenings stitching. I think that from now on it will be much easier to find time for my needles. It is where I find my peace. It is what I enjoy the most, so I will make time for it!



Last few days have found me knee deep in velvets and silk, trying to get everything organized for a BIG shop update. I will be glad when this is all organized and I can find my way out of my studio again. I dont think I even realized just how much I had sitting here needing attention. The more I go through the more I find. I think I might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though and after this I am contemplating many long hours stitching once again. D is helping me streamline my processes so I dont get this backed up again. I have to admit, I can be a terribly disorganized person. I find though, that once I get a system in place I can usually follow it to help me keep it straight. I am one lucky girl to be married to someone with such a skill set!

So while I plug away at organizing photos, taking photos, and all the other fun stuff involved in getting this stuff out to the public....I thought I would give you a peek at something I am particularly proud of. This wonderful splendiferous starry confection.....

I am in LOOOOVE!! :)

As I pick up the needle again...

Some late night stitching.

Studio Play

I have been playing, a lot. Lots of dyeing with all kinds of goodies as the results. I have to admit to a bit of down time the other day as my shibori scarf was quite a disappointment. I thought I was getting a handle on my techniques but after snipping the knots on this piece and seeing nothing like I expected I went over my procedure and what I had learned to try and figure out where I had went wrong. Then it hit me like a brick wall. Everything I have done so far has been with heavier fabrics. Cotton knits and velvets. NO wonder I had different results, This silk is light as a feather! So I chalk this one up to experience. It's ok, I still love it very much now that I let it sit there next to me a few days and grow on me. Now that I am past my expectations, I recognize it as the beauty that it is anyway....

I am working diligently on the rest of my dyes. I have so many things going on around here that my head is kinda spinning. I have a PILE of things to list in the shop as soon as I have satisfactory pictures for them all. I also have a new idea. An idea I love. Since this idea hit me I haven't been able to get it out of my head. So I am working toward making it a reality. I want to offer a new product in my shop. Velvet squares in different color schemes. I was thinking along the lines of themes like Sky and Forest, Sunset, Rainbow. Several colors in each pack, all made up of small squares. The problem is, how big should I make the squares? Because I know there are many of you out there like me. You like to make art pieces and dont need a huge piece in one color. I often take one of my velvet quarters, cut a small piece out of it and the rest sits in my drawer for months because I just dont need that much of it. So please give me some advice!! What size do you all think would be the optimum size for color packs?

New Colors

Just wanted to give you a peek at some of the new floss I just finished!

Sorting Silk Cocoons

This video shows the double worm cocoon which is where the silk comes from that they make silk dupioni from. When these cocoons are unwound the silk thread has slubs in it which is the main characteristic of sik dupioni. This thread is much weaker and rougher than the thread from single worm cocoons so it is woven with regular silk thread as the warp to give it strength.



So...what comes after shibori stitching?


and lots....

of tying!

I have put this into a lovely bath of reds and browns and oranges and hopefully tomorrow when I snip the threads a beauty will arrive :)

Fresh from the wash

What goodies will we find in here?

Shibori Stitching

I have been spending my evenings working on this scarf. It is a different type of stitching, but only in the sense that it is not permanent. Such an amazing craft, and a peaceful one. As always I can never start out small with something. Always I have to do the most detailed and intricate. It is a curse and a blessing. I hope with this one I have not bit off more than I can chew....we will see.