Studio Play

I have been playing, a lot. Lots of dyeing with all kinds of goodies as the results. I have to admit to a bit of down time the other day as my shibori scarf was quite a disappointment. I thought I was getting a handle on my techniques but after snipping the knots on this piece and seeing nothing like I expected I went over my procedure and what I had learned to try and figure out where I had went wrong. Then it hit me like a brick wall. Everything I have done so far has been with heavier fabrics. Cotton knits and velvets. NO wonder I had different results, This silk is light as a feather! So I chalk this one up to experience. It's ok, I still love it very much now that I let it sit there next to me a few days and grow on me. Now that I am past my expectations, I recognize it as the beauty that it is anyway....

I am working diligently on the rest of my dyes. I have so many things going on around here that my head is kinda spinning. I have a PILE of things to list in the shop as soon as I have satisfactory pictures for them all. I also have a new idea. An idea I love. Since this idea hit me I haven't been able to get it out of my head. So I am working toward making it a reality. I want to offer a new product in my shop. Velvet squares in different color schemes. I was thinking along the lines of themes like Sky and Forest, Sunset, Rainbow. Several colors in each pack, all made up of small squares. The problem is, how big should I make the squares? Because I know there are many of you out there like me. You like to make art pieces and dont need a huge piece in one color. I often take one of my velvet quarters, cut a small piece out of it and the rest sits in my drawer for months because I just dont need that much of it. So please give me some advice!! What size do you all think would be the optimum size for color packs?
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  1. We don't learn if we don't try! It's still a beautiful scarf. That was a much better mistake than the screen that I ruined last week making my Phantom postcards!

  2. Love the scarf..and will bear your experience in mind when I start winding cotton around mung beans soon!

    20cm x 20cm ? not too big/too small

  3. I like the sound of that PILE :>D

    LUVLUVLUV the idea of velvet squares, brilliant!! For me, 6 inch squares would be just about perfect. When they get down to 4 inches, they're a bit trickier, but a combo of both might be excellent - a pack of 3-6inchers + 3-4inchers?

    p.s. the moon velvet is out of this world

  4. Thanks girls for the advice, hope a few more leave their recommendations so I get a good idea. I was thinking around 6-8 inches myself. So it sounds like the right size. I am really excited about this idea and cant wait to get back to dyeing!
    Sweetpea~ So glad you like the moon velvet, I really like that one a lot too!