A Pause

Sorry but once again I must call a pause. Unfortunately, Monday my dear husband was rushed to the hospital suffering from what the doctors believe was a stroke. They still arent sure and are running a gamut of tests on him. They say he will be there for at least a week so that is where I will be as much as possible. I hope to return soon, with a healthy husband nearby.
Thank you all for stopping by. I really appreciate you all so much!
8 comments on "A Pause"
  1. I'm so sorry! I hope that all goes well for him and that he's home soon!

  2. Holding strong, healing thoughts for your dear one, Diane...

  3. He's too young for a stroke, isn't he? Maybe just been working too much lately? I'm thinking of you, sending good wishes!

  4. My heart felt Positive Thoughts to you both.

  5. Oh no I'm so sorry, I hope your husband will be well again very soon. Take care!

  6. Thank you all for your well wishes!

    Yes Eva, he is far too young to be having a stroke. The doctors are quite concerned with the symptoms. They have yet to find the site of a stroke if that is what it was. They are trying to rule out possible other causes and he is having to go through a lot of tests, some very painful. He says he is still feeling 'strange' but better, so that is some good news I hope.

  7. Unfortunately age doesn't seem to be a guarantee anymore...but equipment is now so good that they should be able to trace the problem quickly.

    My Bloke had a stroke in 2002, and is completely recovered with hardly any effects...

    Big hugs to you both...

    ...and don't stress too much :-)

  8. Hi Diane,

    Just reading this now and sending healing energy his way... I'm very sorry to hear this news - keep us posted... Sending hugs, Leesa