All the organizing is finally done (except a few labels) My price list is figured out. The photographs are taken. All in all, when I finished I had 54 new items to list in my shop. My goodness I had no idea I still had so much sitting here waiting for my attention. SO today I will try to get all of this stuff listed, which might take me more than a day. It will feel so good to put them all on their shelves and in their boxes and have some nice open space in here. I still have my new project for the shop to work on, the velvet squares. It wont be as crazy or time consuming though. I plan on working on that also the next week. After this is all done though I am seriously going to take some time to work on all these big fiber projects that are just sitting being neglected. I miss my evenings stitching. I think that from now on it will be much easier to find time for my needles. It is where I find my peace. It is what I enjoy the most, so I will make time for it!

2 comments on "Goodies!"
  1. These are stunning! I agree that we all need to make time for the things that give us peace. For you it is stitching, for me it is beading and playing with wire. Enjoy