Sorting Silk Cocoons

This video shows the double worm cocoon which is where the silk comes from that they make silk dupioni from. When these cocoons are unwound the silk thread has slubs in it which is the main characteristic of sik dupioni. This thread is much weaker and rougher than the thread from single worm cocoons so it is woven with regular silk thread as the warp to give it strength.

2 comments on "Sorting Silk Cocoons"
  1. Very interesting! What I like most is wild silk because the silk worms don't have to die in the cocoon, but escape. Anyway, Japanese craft is the most elegant in the world, imho.

  2. Unfortunately there are a lot of silks out there labelled 'wild crafted' but they fail to tell you that even though the moths are allowed to escape they die from over population and starvation. It's hard to say which is worse.