Silk Painting

I have started adding color and I am in LOVE!

The beginning of silk painting

Finally got around to playing with my new frame and getting geared up for some silk painting. As you can see by the picture it has several pieces so I can actually make a very large frame if I want to. This piece is for a color chart that I am doing out of Susan Louise Moyer's book Silk Painting: the Artist's guide to Gutta and Wax Resists. An excellent book by the way if you are at all interested in this subject.

And here is after I applied my first gutta ever. It was definitely different from anything I have done before, I was quite shaky and my lines are terribly wobbly. This will definitely need some practice. Next: Painting time!

Weekend Festival

This last weekend we traveled to a small town in Germany called Emmendingen to the African Music Festival. I had a fantastic time! Most of the festivals I have been to usually involve a large open space like a field that is fenced in with a stage or two, some booths for merchandise and that's it. This one was in the city center. There were tables and benches under trees and a nice grassy upraised area with a stone ledge you could also sit on. Lots of interesting African food vendors and lovely authentic African wares. The atmosphere was laid back and enjoyable. We spent the afternoon poking around in the booths and eating good food. Lots of nice beverage offers too. Prices were reasonable. The bands were good and the last band was one of my favorites 'Dub Inc'. They put on a stellar performance and even though it started raining right in the middle of their set I don't think a single person left. They were just THAT good. I was really surprised to see them at such a small event because they can draw a crowd easy. I have seen them twice at Reggae Sun Ska in the south of France and it is NOT a small event. This was so fun though, since it was small we were able to get very close to stage and it was the best fun I have had in a long time. 

     I have been cripping around all week due to pulling out my back the weekend before and I was very worried about going. I spent the afternoon being careful because I wanted to make it through the concert without too much pain. Well..when they started playing it was electric. We were all jumping up and down and I didn't stop the whole time. I was getting sore but didn't care. On the way back to the tent that night I wondered if I would be able to move the next morning. Well I woke up the next day and I felt GREAT! I think I actually popped my bones back in place. Since I arrived home my back continues to feel good so I am quite happy about it all :D Who would have known, Dub Inc, the cure for all my woes!
Doing the Happy Dance! I have my internet back. YAY!