The beginning of silk painting

Finally got around to playing with my new frame and getting geared up for some silk painting. As you can see by the picture it has several pieces so I can actually make a very large frame if I want to. This piece is for a color chart that I am doing out of Susan Louise Moyer's book Silk Painting: the Artist's guide to Gutta and Wax Resists. An excellent book by the way if you are at all interested in this subject.

And here is after I applied my first gutta ever. It was definitely different from anything I have done before, I was quite shaky and my lines are terribly wobbly. This will definitely need some practice. Next: Painting time!
5 comments on "The beginning of silk painting"
  1. Not as wobbly as mine would have been! I shall be following with interest, Diane!

  2. wonderful! my lines would be a lot shakier, enjoy

  3. Don't worry, looks good! I guess, once the paint is applied, nobody will expect straight lines anyway.

  4. Did you make oroom but your frame? Would be very interested in making one just like it.

    1. I didn't make my frame but I think it wouldn't be that hard to do :)