30 days

YES you heard me, 30 days and counting. I have finally bought my tickets! I will be saying farewell to the fair city of Seattle on July 4th. Leaving this city on a holiday saved me a nice sum on my ticket :) To tell you the truth I don't mind leaving then, I have much bigger things to celebrate. Soon I will be in France and reunited with my honey. I will be flying home for 10 days to visit my family and then on the 14th boarding my plane to go onward to Bordeaux. D is fortunately finishing his stint at work on the 13th so will be loose, wild and free after that for at least a week depending on if he decides to go back. I am hoping possibly that he doesn't so we can spend the summer just enjoying each others company. There is much to do with translating papers,etc before the marriage. D thinks by the end of August we will have everything done. We are also planning a short trip down to Andorra shortly after I arrive, which is something I'm really looking forward to also. I have seen pictures of this charming country on the web and think it would be wonderful to pitch my tent in those meadows. Also the tax free merchandise will be nice ^^ I am putting off purchasing anything I need till I get there! It's been an interesting lesson on what is important to me packing for this move. Two large suitcases limited to 50 lbs each and two large boxes to be mailed...that is my own personal limit. Having slowly reduced from an 8 room house down to a 4 room apartment down to this...well it's been a hard trial to my pack rat soul! It has also been a breath of fresh air. Leaving behind all of this STUFF is something I think is very good for me. A nice clean slate to start fresh with. One I really think Im going to enjoy ;)