Bits and Pieces

Triomphe de la Concorde at Les Place Des Quinconces

Hello everyone out there in the blog-o-sphere. I'm sure you all think I have dried up and blown away...again. Just to let you know, I am alive and kicking. Erm, let me alter that a little, trying to be alive and kicking after FIVE incredibly painful, awful, flu infested, cramp ridden days of agony. OMG the new flu in town is a killer. Well at least it did a number on me. I keep telling myself there is a bright side to all this. Surely I lost some weight through this ordeal? *grin*
Today I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. My eyes are finally acceptinng the light of the computer screen and I even felt hungry today. I am still immobilized though so plenty of time to type away on the computer ^^
I have been very busy the last few months.

La Place de Victoire

1. I met a fellow expat that lives here in Bordeaux shortly after my birthday and we had a pleasant visit. She is very nice but unfortunately I STILL haven't had time to see her again. (I promise I will rectify this soon)
2. I received my temporary Carte de Sojour! I am now able to work in Francce AND they can't kick me out :p
3. I went to a fancypants restaurant with D and his stepfather and had The Fanciest Dinner In My Life! Yes it deserves caps. It was one of those restaurants where you dont have to order. The 9 course menu was titled "Surprise". A little taste of what we had for dinner that evening: The waiter brought out a rack of testtubes and three spoons that were filled with a substance. He instructed us to put the contents of the spoons in our mouths and then drink the liquid that was in the testtubes. The spoon was filled with peanuts and poprocks (yes, you heard me) and the testtube? Roast Chicken Broth! Believe it or not, it was incredibly delicious.

4. I climbed the tallest dune in Europe, "The Great Dune of Pyla" it was so exhausting I thought I would die :p but D kept encouraging me and I made it to the top. I Have Conquered!

5. I failed at my attempt to recreate The Zen Chef's Gateau Basque. It still tasted very delicious but needless to say...I wont be posting any pictures :p

6. Country Boy came to visit for a month and we had an awesome time. We went all over the southwest of this country:

a. We went to the pyrenees for a week which is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. While there we visited a local artisan who makes carvings and Country Boy bought a very unique purse made out of horn for someone back home. It was so nice, we were invited into the back to his workshop and got to see first hand how he does his wood carving and statue making.

b. We visited the cheese museum again :p (well Country Boy hadnt seen it)

c. We went to my first junk shop here in France. It was so much fun looking through all the different items piled everywhere. The funny thing? I found a souvenier plate from Illinois on the shelves! Haha.

d. We spent a week in Moirax visiting the family and just had a wonderful time eating, drinking and talking. I really love D's family.

Country Boy loves ice cream!

e. We went mushroom hunting (no we didnt find any)

f. We also went to my first garage sale here in France. Seems that the French dont do little when it comes to garage sales. They get the WHOLE village together and everyone comes to the town center and all of them sell their junk at the same time. They even had a big food area where they were serving meals. Now thats a yard sale! I bought the coolest boots ever there for 4 euros! Yes indeed, I was a happy camper. ^_^

My new boots!

g. We wondered all over Bordeaux several times showing Country Boy the sites, and of course having to sample the beer in a few places :)

Country Boy and D hamming it up at the Water Mirror
Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux

h. I went to a big village plant sale and Marie bought me two tomato plants, a lemon thyme, a rosemary and a lavender! She is such a sweetheart and I am so blessed in the MIL department!

i. Went and toured a castle! (I'll try and post more pics of that soon)

Chateau fort de Rouquetaillade

7. I went to my first meeting for my Carte de Soujour and they assigned me 300 HOURS of French Lessons. Do you think my French might be a little bad?

8. Was on the tram when it hit a car! You think that wouldn't happen often but D has been in three tram wrecks. o0

Well just a quick recap of my latest adventures. I'm sure there was plenty more but this poor brain is recovering ya know? Hopefully I wont have to cover so much ground the next time!

A wonderful venetian glass shop in downtown Bordeaux
(click the pic to get a better look)