Playing With Wire

I know I haven’t updated you about the house recently but that’s because there really isn’t much to see right now. 

We are busy putting fermacell downstairs in the entryway and it is a piece-by-piece job that is going a little slow. 

Since I have to go outside to cut it, I don’t work when it is raining.  

Also I am not strong enough to drill into the concrete walls so I have to wait till Frenchie has time to put up studs before I can do any work on a wall. 

Fortunately we are getting close to finishing that room and I will be showing you some pictures then.

In the meantime I am working a lot on other areas of my life. First off as I wrote before, I closed my shop. 

I will no longer be dyeing fabrics and ribbons to sell. I may from time to time do a dye batch but it is definitely not where I will be concentrating. 

I also won’t be doing much embroidery work. My eye is still not healed from the last bubble in my retina, I am beginning to wonder if it ever will. 

I have been turning more and more to my wire wrapping. I adore making things with wire almost as much as I enjoy my stitching. 

Taking a boring spool of wire and ending up with something beautiful that I can wear, well who wouldn’t love that?

   I have worked on and off for probably two years with wire but I had no experience whatsoever when I started. 

Everything I have done I figured out on my own but I finally had to admit that I needed to learn some new techniques. 

Last year I won some tutorials from Gailavera Jewelry and I never did anything with them except try one piece, 

 I decided to start off my learning, I would work my way through several of these tutorials to teach me the methods.  

It has been great fun this week twisting away with my wire and I have a few pretties to show for it. 

I soon realized that the tutorials were not enough though so I joined a class that teaches several other methods.  

I am also taking a class on jewelry design. I know I have been designing things for years  

but this class really spoke to me and it is sparking my creativity in ways that I haven’t felt in a long time. 

I have already designed a new jewelry piece, though I am not skilled enough to make it, 

someday soon though I hope to be.

 This means the next few months will be devoted in a big way towards learning my wire wrapping. 

I think I am good at it. I know I have a lot of work to do to get better but I seem to come naturally to it and think I can improve a lot.  

I’m quite excited about this because it gives me another outlet for my creativity. 

No more feeling sorry for myself because my eyes aren’t up to my teeny tiny stitches.  

If you love wire wrapping then stay tuned, I am sure there will be a few on these pages coming soon.

Hope you are having a great first week of your new year!