Moved Again!

 Just a quick update to let everyone know that yes, I have moved again. How many times in a year? I have lost count but this one I think will stick. I am back in Seattle and I plan on staying. I opened a shop last month and I am slowly settling in. Customers are starting to trickle in and I am working on my website again. I have lost so many things during my moves, things have been left here and there in three different countries and I have only just started sorting what stock I have left of my pretties to put in the online shop. I am also setting up a small area in my reweaving shop to put pieces of my work. I am excited on what the future has in store and I am finally starting to feel a bit of stability again! 

Stay tuned for updates, I have my workspace set up now and hope to start making new pretties soon.

Wishing you a joyous season,



 I know this blog seems dead and gone but it isn't. I have been traveling...moving...for a year now. Actually more than a year. I started packing my house back in Jan 2022. Since then I have been moving from place to place, often with only two suitcases. Most of my things are scattered in three different countries. Some I will probably never see again.

Just this last month I moved into an apartment I hope to be in for the next year. I spent the last few weeks getting my area set up to create, and I started making things again this last week. I hope to have my shop up and running soon, within the next few weeks if possible.

I have been playing a lot with my acrylic drops as you can see from this photo. I love these little swirls of color and I have trays of them all around me to pick and choose from as I create. I invested in some nice jewelry trays back in France and made sure they were one of the things I packed to bring with me. I am not sure if I will be able to find replacements when they run out so these may be a limited item. I love how good my drops look in these.

I have also been experimenting with my resin wings, using different methods to make a variety of styles. Each time I make a new set of wings I feel I get closer to perfecting the process. I now feel very confident I can make good, solid pieces that are worthy to put into my shop. When I first made my wings for my flight-of-dreams collection I made so many duds I had a whole box full of them. Now I rarely make a mistake. 

I hope to write a post on the making of my wings soon. And I am not only making wings, I am also going to add other whimsical items.

Stay tuned!


Coming up for Air

       I have been lost in computer land lately. I don't see myself leaving anytime soon either. I do think I need to change a few things though. Let me explain. 

      About six months ago I embarked on a new adventure. Something I don't have any experience in at all. I started making graphics for a video game. I had a little experience with photoshop and by that I mean very little! I had no experience with blender which is another software that is even more complicated than photoshop if that is possible. So for the last six months I have been working hard trying to learn how to use these two software to accomplish what I need to do.

     It has been mind-bendingly hard. I am fairly good with technical things but blender makes me feel like what I thought was good is nothing. It deals with all things 3d. Modeling, animation, texturing, particles and so forth are what I play with most days now.  It has called into question my abilities as an artist. I am persisting though because I love it! I really do. Every time I make something it gets more exciting. The things I made 6 months ago look terrible to me now and I am sure the things I make now will look terrible in 6 months but I am continuing to improve. I don't plan on stopping with this project anytime soon. 

      BUT, and this is a big but, I miss my art. I know what I am doing is art but it isn't the same. The screen is great but I want to touch my art. I want to get my hands dirty and play with colors, splash paint, squish clay, bend wire. I'm not sure what, but I think I need to do some hands on art.

      I am thinking of giving myself a day each week where I do a project. Not anything to sell probably, maybe for the house or for me or gifts. I do think it is needed though. 

      I also want to write a few things about what has been going on with the house. We have continued to work on it. For quite awhile we were planning on selling so things halted but then we decided to stay. Now our plans are up in the air but the work goes on. I can definitely say though that this house has greatly improved and I am really starting to love it. 

      So all this to say I think I will start writing here again. I didn't see much use in writing about what I am doing now, although if there is anyone out there interested in my graphics work let me know and I can throw a post in now and then covering what I am doing there. So here I go again. I am quite excited *grin*

    Can't wait to talk with you all again. Hope you are having a great week!


And We're Back!

photo for attention. *grin*

Excuse all the hiccups while I get this blog back up and running again. I will sit down soon and try to catch ya'll up. 


How Life Gets in the Way

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Painted tree in resin
Autumn Tree

Hello all, I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer despite the high temperatures in so many places. I have been fortunate with the house here on the mountain. Since it is built into the mountain the downstairs maintains a nice cool temperature even on the hottest of days. It’s like built-in air conditioning without the cost! Though I think we pay for it in the winter.

Kumihimo Beaded Bracelet

I am steadily working on my new collection but I must admit it has been hard. Though I had high aspirations of working on design ideas when I was on my trip to the US, that was not the case. But I don’t regret this. I enjoyed every minute of my trip and all the people that I was able to visit. Then when I arrived home I was sure I would be right back at it but jet lag reared its ugly head and I wasn’t functioning for a good two weeks if not more. When I finally had a clear head I hit on another problem. My muse had left the building. I could not come up with one good idea so I spent the last month frittering my time away on a bunch of disconnected pieces.

Finally, I feel like I have a theme going and ideas are starting to arrive. Of course, as soon as this happens I have to leave again. A week away in Bretagne to go to our dear friends’ wedding. It’s true that I am looking forward to seeing them and attending the wedding but once again I am off course. I am not sure how to solve this problem. Each time I leave, when I return it seems to take forever to find my place again. I told myself that I would release four collections this year. Right now I think I will be lucky to get three done. I know there is no way to do four. Who knows, there might only be two.

A row of mica resin leaves.

All of this to say…I am sorry for any delay. I am here. I am working daily to make new pieces. This is a whole new way of working for me so I guess it will take time for me to find my groove. Does anyone else have this problem when they go away?