An interesting house we saw out on our walk the other night. This is a common form of architecture here and I love it!

My eye appointment went very well, better than expected. The bubble behind my retina is gone! The doctor told me the outline I am still seeing is just where it hasn't completely set back in. I am so thrilled with this news. It is a big relief. I go back in a month for a checkup and to set up a date for the laser surgery on the other eye. I will also be getting a new prescription for my glasses. Soon hopefully my eyes will be much happier. I can hardly wait.
This has been such a long process I have lost myself along the way. Now that I have permission to work again I find myself confused on how to "get back on the horse". I find myself distraceted and wandering about unsure where to start or even what to start on. I am sure I will find my way back soon. I am not completely idle though. I have been spring cleaning the house. It is in sore need of some attention. Being on restricted activity will make any house look in sad shape. It is starting to look clean again.

I did a small batch of specialty trims and satin silk ribbon last week, only to find that the ribbon wasnt silk after. I should have tested it because I had my suspicions. Next time I will know better. I have never worked with silk satin ribbons before so they fooled me.

I've also been working on my embroidery. Still working on the yoke for my shirt. I really hope to get this done by vacation time. I need to kick it into high gear though. I keep dawdling. I only have three weeks left. I am so excited. I am really looking forward to this trip. I think I need a little change of scenery, I have went kinda crazy in this house!

Hubby took me shopping in Germany for a few things I was in sore need of for the vacation. I found the greatest pair of Birkenstocks and I LOVE them. For once I was paying a reasonable price for a pair and not the $100 price tag you see in the states. I guess there are a few advantages to living next to Germany :) I also picked up a few pair of capris since I have no shorts to speak of. Now if I just get my new top done I will be set!
~Hope you are all having a great week~

I have a crush...

A big big crush...on velvet. I am just so in love with my new bias velvet ribbon. I started making it a while back but since then with all the problems I never had an opportunity to use any of it. Well I rectified that and now that I have I am never going back. It is just so lush and yummi! I love the depth it puts in my work and I just want to paper my whole world with velvet. Why not when it's so soft and vibrant and just wonderful! Am I gushing enough? Here are a few progress photos of the shirt I am working on, see what I mean?

In other news, I am off to the eye doc Tuesday for a progress report. Please keep me in your thoughts. I am nervous but very positive about this visit. My eye seems to be doing so much better!

New work

Hello Again, still taking it easy but slowly adding more activity. I go to docs next week and really expect a good progress report. I can barely detect the spot in my eye now. I think it really shrunk! In other news, my thyroid is refusing to cooperate and I guess it's going to take a bit to get it under control, but that and a severe Vitamin D defeciency explain most of my fatigue away. I think by this time next month I will be well on my way to a new me!
SO I did another dye batch this weekend. Lots of luscious colors of floss. I recreated some oldies but goodies and also added on a few new ones. Here is a pic of a few of them and when I finally get them all wrapped and processed they will eventually make their way into my shop:

I also started a new embroidery piece. This one is for me! Hubby is taking me to the mediterranean again next month. We are going to the same place we went a few years back and I just adored it. So I wanted a pretty top to wear while I walked on the beach so this is it! It will be all white cotton gauze but I am embroidering the yoke. Here is a peek at my beginnings.

I have the pattern sketched out and the paisleys placed. Today I start stitching! I really hope I can get it done in time.