Steam Punk Fairy Makes an Entrance

  After finishing Pomp & Circumstance I found myself still yearning to pick up my pencils. I was thrilled with this as I have let them lay dormant for many a year with no desire to visit them at all. That I would find such satisfaction with them again was an exciting thing for me. I quickly set about with a new idea. My daughter had told me she wished a drawing of a fairy some day so that is where the idea for this drawing came from. I decided to draw a fairy but not just any fairy, a steampunk fairy. I wanted her to be bold and yet beautiful also. So this is what I started out with. 

I didn’t really like her face yet, I wanted something more angellic. I finally settled on this face and I am much happier with it.

After I settled on the face I went into a little more detail on her hair. She is starting to shape up!

I am really looking forward to this piece. I think she is going to be a lot of fun. Keep posted to see her come to life.

Hope you have a great and creative week!