My First Post o.o

Well hello everyone ^___^ I am creating this blog to document my journey through the maze of going from being a single girl living in Seattle, Washington to a married woman living in Bordeaux, France with my wonderful sweetheart. Hopefully this will help my family and friends have a little insight into whats going on out here in crazyland :p Today is an exciting day as it is ONE MORE DAY till D arrives from France to spend another three months together. Hopefully while he is here we will be able to finish taking care of all the details and I'll be ready to fly over there soon after he leaves. OMG I'm so excited, I have missed him so much :)
3 comments on "My First Post o.o"
  1. I will be interested to read your blog and see what adventures you have as you make your way to France. Is your soon to be husband French? How did you pick Bordeaux as the place to live. I visited the region once for a short time and thought it was really lovely.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world. I'll be reading about your adventures along with Linda (my sister).

  3. yes he is French, and he is going to finish his masters this fall in Bordeaux. We hope to get all the paperwork done and have me there by September :) Funny thing. My name is Diane, and my sis is Linda ^__^