Exploration into new territory

So last night I pulled out my new felting kit. The tactile sensations that go along with this artform are stupendous! I love the feel of merino wool as it slides across my fingers. I think this will be something I return to time and time again. The colors are so bright and vibrant, the feel so enticing. How can one not love making felt?

Kokopelli has found his home and is dancing a merry dance in celebration.

Tonight we leave for the mountains and I will be sans internet connection for several days. I am looking forward to the peaceful solace of the mountains though. I need a new view. D and his friend will spend a lot of the time up on the slopes. I will spend my time enjoying the fire and stitching. I will be back soon, hopefully with some beautiful pictures! Hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend!
2 comments on "Exploration into new territory"
  1. Have a wonderful time! Looking forward to your report after your return! And the Kokopelli is so beautiful. Trying somethig new is inspiring, isn't it?

  2. your mountain sounds wonderful! Hope you return all refreshed and relaxed.